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  1. Everyone entering Canada is to self- isolate for 14/days, regardless of nationality.
  2. Thanks Folks. We appreciate your help!
  3. Our ship will be doing an overnight stop in Dover this July. We wish to see Dover Castle but it is not one of the offered excursions, therefore we will be on our own. Any suggestions as to the best way to go about this? Thanks
  4. Yes, Viking has updated their policy to align with other Cruise Lines. It seems that the electrical systems that can handle blow dryers, can accommodate curling irons/ flat irons after all. We must remember though to use our common sense when using them, including ensuring that the adapter / converter issues are aligned. I have heard from several people that curling irons which have digital temperature displays, often won’t heat up. Dual voltage models have no issues apparently. I myself have purchased an European one so as to not have to worry. Just a thought.
  5. Well this is certainly good news! Thankyou for sharing.
  6. Thankyou mringenoldus. It is certainly not a deal breaker, but does the Emerald boat have a vanity counter with chair, in the main cabin? I can’t see from the brochures.
  7. We are tossing around the idea of the Douro with Emerald. We have previously only been on Avalon boats. I have noticed that the room sizes are quite a bit smaller. How would they compare? Thankyou
  8. Consider a sunset (stern) cabin. The panoramic views means you will see all the sights. Also watching the ship’s wake as you travel is wonderful in itself.
  9. River cruise boats, like Ocean ships and most hotels, supply hair dryers. As these appliances draw more electricity than a curling iron, that suggests that the issue some River Cruise lines have with curling irons is not simply a matter with the circuitry. If they are concerned with the quality and features of the curling irons, the simple answer is to issue company supplied ones. Another would be a to have an on board check to make guest owned ones meet converter/ adapter standards. On a cruise of 130-160 people, say half are women and probably half again would have curling iron. I think that would be doable to maintain safety. i have traveled on Avalon and they allow curling irons but remind passengers of the safety rules. The stateroom attendant also keep an eye to make sure everyone is safe. They also SUPPLY curling irons at the desk to those who request one. This seems a very simple solution to the the issue. Obviously they have spotted a market need and addressed it. Several other lines have as well. This is what is good about River Cruiseing, there is something for everyone.
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