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  1. Again as I said rereading the thread. I'm sorry we didn't do the duck boats. If we get back one day, that will be on the todo list. I saw that restaurant next door. I kept looking at places for menus outside, and they just had all their awards posted instead. Oh well, we were happy with our food choices, so I guess no big deal missing it. Normally at restaurants we ended up taking part of our dinner home (especially DW who eats so little that she loses weight almost every cruise). That is a problem when we are eating out not at home. We ate one night at the
  2. Just been rereading this thread (and all the wonderful helpful comments😊). One thing I want to say is I don't think it took as anywhere near an hour to get from the airport to the hotel using the directions Travelling Library gave. And it would have taken even less time if we had found right away where to catch the Silver line.
  3. Also, if you have OBC Princess allows you pre-cruise to use it to purchase excursions. Note, the only thing you can use OBC pre-cruise is for excursions.
  4. LOL, and it's not even locals working at those tourist traps. They import their employees.
  5. Thank you for your response. I do think the emergency drill should be real. What is the purpose of having a drill that is basically a sham?
  6. No problem. Perhaps I also came on too strongly. Let's just leave it as no harm, no foul.
  7. As someone who has been active in emergency services, how do you feel about the changed format of the muster drill? Do you think it will deprive the crew of the practice they should have if a real emergency occurred?
  8. The drill is supposed to be about what if there was a real emergency. And all the experienced mariners on these boards have said the drill is really for the crew as it is the only time they actually get to "herd" passengers. None of us like the traditional muster drill, but it was always, at least after the Costa Concordia disaster, felt to be necessary. Now everyone is so happy, no real muster drill. I wonder how happy they will be if there is a real emergency? And that was what I was trying to convey in the post you quoted.
  9. We used that bidding site once, and started with the lowest bid. But then we discovered that the TA making the bid basically could not be reached. We went with the next lowest, and for just a few dollars more, they gained a long term customer. And I agree about call, don't go by the posted prices. I previously gave an example where the highest posted price on the website of 3 cruises that met what and when we wanted to cruise ended up being the lowest price as the TA could discount Princess (and also may have bought a block of cabins).
  10. I wonder if there was a real emergency, how would everyone social distance on the life boats?
  11. I don't believe that they allow you to not get off the ship on a back to back between the 2 segments.
  12. There will be no problem with that. To get the OBC, submit your proof along with your booking number, and your ship and sailing date. Make sure to block out any identifying number for your stockbroker. And you do not have to submit your entire holdings, only the Carnival stock. Just make sure your name is on the page. And this is available not just for Carnival, but all lines owned by the Carnival Corporation. We have used it successfully for Carnival, Princess, and Holland America.
  13. Sounds a lot worse for the cruise lines to me. It really does not sound like they want to go off the protocols even before this new development.
  14. OK, tell me how to change the title of the thread to "How empty are the ports with ships at lower capacity". I believe that is a question.
  15. I believe so. You could not do that with a ship's excursion that provides an alternative to a visa. And on private tours that also provide that alternative to a visa, the guide is supposed to stay with you at all times. So, the only way I could envision you doing that is with a visa.
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