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  1. It is titled Covid-19 vaccination report card. And the CDC logo is in the upper right corner.
  2. Yes, it blows right through you and you feel the cold down to your bones.
  3. I just wonder what you consider cold. Here this AM is was 14 degrees and with the wind blowing probably felt more like ZERO. Now that's cold!
  4. OK, I was not aware of this. It seems to be good news.
  5. I hope Bob's appointment for the first shot next week was then cancelled so a slot for the vaccine opened up for someone else
  6. The original appointment for the first shot was at the exact same time. DW made them online. For the second shot we were told 4 weeks and pick a time.
  7. Do you have a citation that there will be a vaccine for children later this year? Have they even done any clinical trials with children yet?
  8. Sounds just like our experience here is upstate NY at the County Health Clinic. The only minor glitch was I could not get the same time slot as DW for the second shot as it was filled, but our appointments are only 15 minutes apart so no big deal.
  9. And it is the same group that brought about Governor Cuomo and the state legislature (being upheld by the highest court in the state) doing away with the religious exemption for the measles shot after they caused an outbreak of measles. A young child who is our son's Godson in all but formal name should have been able to use the allowed medical exemption as he has a compromised immune system. However, his parents decided that not getting the shot was even more dangerous when measles were spreading. If you have a problem with the TRUTH, that is your problem, not mine.
  10. That is truly awful. And a drive to Plattsburg in the winter is no picnic even from where we are which is closer than Westchester County. As for us being lucky, I would say part is through DW's persistence. She kept checking she said 4 times a day and finding no one in the county with the vaccine. When all of a sudden she saw that the county clinic had shots available, she hopped on the site and registered both of us. She later told me she checked a few hours later, and there were no longer any appointments available.
  11. Same here in NY state, at least at our county's clinic.
  12. The one that immediately comes to mind is standing in front of the Acropolis, just a totally awesome experience. Another is actually our very first port. I forget the name, but it was a tender port. There were various places you could go, and we chose Nice. We went to two museums (DW is an art teacher) Matisse and Chagall. Then DW wanted to swim in the Mediterranean Sea. She had me watch our stuff, and placed us immediately behind several topless French women. Just a wonderful start to cruising.
  13. No, make that a resounding NO to whether crew members will tell passengers to cover their noses. We have had mandatory mask wearing in stores here since almost the beginning of this crisis. Our summer visitors, who are mostly of a certain religious sect, would go into stores without their noses covered, and by the time they left, they would barely have their chins covered.
  14. You will be ok with the vaccine, but the questions are will the cruise line be sailing and will ports accept ships. Wishing you luck with that date, and if it does go write a review so we can also see what will have changed and what remained the same.
  15. I believe that is true. We got our vaccinations yesterday, and it was the Moderna. There really was no choice.
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