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  1. Hi, thank you. We are not going to Rome. We know which trips we want to do on some days but on other we are undecided and there are other factors to consider so we may choose to book them on the ship? Sorry, can I ask what you mean by full capacity isn't offered online? Thanks
  2. We're going on our first cruise on the Mediterranean Medley in June on the Marella Dream. There is an option of excursions on the TUI site. Should we book via the site or is there an excursion desk onboard ? Will booking the trips onboard be cheaper or more expensive and does it offer a wider range of excursions? Thanks!
  3. We have booked our first cruise on the Mediterranean Medley itinerary on the Marella Dream. We can book excursions via our booking on the TUI site but I seem to recall reading somewhere that we can book on the ship, is there an excursion desk? I know some people reckon the trips are expensive and do their own thing but this is our first time in most of the places, so I would rather use the ship excursion just to make sure we make it back in time! Thanks muchly! Lisa
  4. Hi, we are first times and have booked the Mediteranean Medley 7 night cruise on the Mareall Dream next year. We are in an outside cabin on deck 4 or 5. For £48 we can reserve a specific cabin which I would like to do as it looks like deck 5 could be quite noisy as the cabins are by the entertainment. We would prefer somewhere quiet but also I was told there is a chace our view could also be blocked by a lifeboat. We've already compromised in that we didnt get the balcony cabin we had hoped (due to cost). Can anyone advise which cabin/area to go for? Thank you!
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