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  1. Does anyone know if VPN access is allowed on Windstar internet?
  2. Is the general advice to just ask at checkin and hope for the best?
  3. Under Activity tab up top I think you are probably looking for "Unread Content" where it shows you all posts from all members that you have not read.
  4. Just visit the site on your iPhone and it works fine. I’m posting this from my phone 🙂
  5. Likes do not "bump" a topic. It must have been something else doing it 🙂
  6. The Activity tab at the top has lots of ways to find things. You may want the Unread Content one. You can also create your own filters.
  7. Yes all those odd-looking tags will format soon to show the images 🙂
  8. Instead of a number you will see a little line icon. If you click that you will get a parma-link to the post. Example: Which gives me that link to copy and paste into the post. When you do it shows like this:
  9. You can control them by clicking the Bell icon by your name then Notification Settings.
  10. If you click your name in the upper-right you will see Manage Followed Content. The other link is under the Activity tab at top of screen.
  11. Manage content you follow: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/followed/ See content you follow: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/discover/followed-content/
  12. That will fix itself over the next few days 🙂
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