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  1. Thanks all for your responses and advice. I pressed Princess about this over their twitter account and also on the phone, can the are holding fast to the claim, saying: Not sure where to go from here, other than a different line that has a similar itinerarty that embarks later.
  2. I've been looking at a 2 week Christmas and New Year's cruise on Caribbean Princess as a family trip for the holidays. We sailed on her maiden voyage in 2004 and thought it would be fun to sail on her again, plus the itinerary is great! When we first called Princess, we had told them my brother and father both work in the movie industry and would likely miss the embarkation in Fort Lauderdale but could meet the ship in St. Thomas 3 days later and board there. They claimed this was possible and that we would need to complete "Route Deviation Forms" for them. Yesterday we received a voicemail saying it was not possible because of the Jones Act. I listened the voicemail a couple of times and can't figure out how Fort Lauderdale is any different than St. Thomas, as they are both US. I found the below on Carnival's website: The ship calls to both Aruba and Curacao during the cruise, which per the above are "distant foreign ports" so I don't see the issue. The Princess rep said if the ship were to stop in Cartagena or Panama City it would be possible to have them join later. But I'm failing to see the difference. Has anyone else dealt with this issue before? I've attached a copy of the itinerary and the voicemail from Princess. My understanding of the law makes me feel like the Princess Representative misspoke and that my brother and father should be able to join in St. Thomas. Thanks! VM from Princess.amr
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