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  1. 15 years ago, on my first cruise, I went to Passion Island. It was a beautiful beach, of course, but other than that, the experience was not all spectacular. I don't think it was a Catamaran though. This time, we're doing Mr. Sancho's.
  2. My opinion about Progreso based upon all the stuff I have read (never been there), and what my family plans to do: Progreso does not have highly rated beaches. Most of the reviews were negative. The all-inclusive beach excursions and double decker ride to Merida also have mixed reviews. The only reviews that I found consistently positive were excursions to underground cenotes and the Uxmal, Mayapan, or Chichen Itza ruins. The number one drawback to these excursions is the long ride. Of all the ruins, I read the most positive things about Uxmal. We are planning to buy a tour onshore to avoid the upcharge from the cruiseline (or even shore excursioner). I hear it is much cheaper when you buy it in Progreso. If any veteran cruisers have other advice, it is welcome.
  3. My wife's engagement ring is expensive. She won't be wearing it in Mexico. Cozumel is probably safe if you must wear it, but I'd be more careful in Progreso. See travel advisories from SOS.
  4. Can you get away with bringing and wearing non-biodegradable sunscreen at Mr. Sanchos?
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