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  1. have had both and can barely remember which ones were which - so obviously it didn't make that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. If you can save the money - great!
  2. have seen both - but certainly pants would be the way to go.
  3. I agree with op also - its such a nice way to spend an afternoon. Why take that away??
  4. I would not be wanting this view for how much it costs
  5. keep your eye out for specials especially after you board you can get a better deal
  6. I believe Le petit chef is not for everyone. Especially if you call it a "cartoon". I am a retired engineer and what they present is nothing short of a technological marvel with amazing dimension and brilliant storytelling. And its called animation. You could look at it as simple - but its far from it. Again, its not for everyone especially if having a spring roll is a dealbreaker for you. You do need to be willing to spend the extra, and being a little young at heart helps, but our whole family (literally from 8-80) found the experience incredible and fun and we've eaten in the best restaurants all around the world. LPC if you're open minded will be a very memorable - experience. LPC is the one all agreed must-do on our whole family's list for next celebrity cruise.
  7. its very finicky. I get most of info on other sites
  8. we seem to have a hard time with this
  9. we didn't find it too exciting - but give it a try
  10. beverage packages. love silent disco. rooms are much nicer - great job. edge look (not price) - another big plus bringing something as unique as Le Petit Chef as a dining experience rather than just another meal. We have friends who've seen LPC in Europe for 3 time the price - 55 is a bargain - we all loved it - great addition Celebrity
  11. is this spelled out somewhere officially?
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