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  1. if its consistent - bring it to their attention. You should not have to deal with anything excessive.
  2. I would try to get there closer to 915?
  3. it will probably go up from there
  4. yes! we were nervous as well and had a ball!
  5. days can be busy = so late seating might be best. enjoy
  6. We were fascinated with Le Petit Chef on Celebrity. We looked up the technology/artists, they are called Skullmapping. They have dining events all around the world and they usually cost about $150 per person. the fact that we get to see this for only 55 I consider great bargain. Its certainly not for everyone to spend the extra money on. You have to feel okay about it. We have seen it 2x and We are taking our whole group next year. Whether you want something different or not. Nice that Celebrity is offering us different options than the same old meal. Appreciate that we have the opportunity to see this amazing expereince in person on our cruises. Can't wait!
  7. there's no excuse to have noise issues - once there is a complaint it should be fixed
  8. we loved edge for its open spaces.
  9. we have taken 3 generation cruises - they are some of our best memories
  10. For a wonderful meal and great entertainment go to Le Petit Chef. We dined there on Edge and absolutely loved it. The food was delicious and the show was so much fun to watch. Enjoy!!
  11. Excellent detailed review OP! And I wholeheartedly agree. We had a wonderful time on Edge as well and loved how modern everything was. It's funny you mentioned the mattresses because we noticed that too. Slept so well on new and firm beds! Our favorite night of dining was at Le Petit Chef. As you mentioned, it was delightful and entertaining and so much fun. The food was fantastic too. A magical evening aboard a magical ship!
  12. Our favorite specialty restaurant was definitely Le Petit Chef. We loved the meal and the animation was so creative and a lot of fun to watch. I'm really glad we went. It was a fantastic night!
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