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  1. if you wait a few days they usually offer a special around half way thorugh
  2. I'm sure they will play it safe!
  3. Le Petit Chef and Murano. Both have excellent food and service. Le Petit Chef is extra fun because of the show. Go to both if you can.
  4. We were actually excited with the changeover to LPC and happy that Celebrity brought in something cool and innovative. I've seen it several times, with different groups and we had a ball. The food was really delicious. There's a main menu and an alternative menu, so you can choose ahead of time which you prefer when you reserve. We've had the Lobster and Filet Mignon (cooked to perfection) and then the amazing Truffle Ravioli when we saw the other show. It's fun to try something new and different, but when you end up having a great time and a great meal, it's such a win. Just my opinion, but try it, you'll like it! We did!
  5. if its consistent - bring it to their attention. You should not have to deal with anything excessive.
  6. I would try to get there closer to 915?
  7. it will probably go up from there
  8. yes! we were nervous as well and had a ball!
  9. days can be busy = so late seating might be best. enjoy
  10. We were fascinated with Le Petit Chef on Celebrity. We looked up the technology/artists, they are called Skullmapping. They have dining events all around the world and they usually cost about $150 per person. the fact that we get to see this for only 55 I consider great bargain. Its certainly not for everyone to spend the extra money on. You have to feel okay about it. We have seen it 2x and We are taking our whole group next year. Whether you want something different or not. Nice that Celebrity is offering us different options than the same old meal. Appreciate that we have the opportunity to see this amazing expereince in person on our cruises. Can't wait!
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