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  1. Ivi: I attempted to write something on this topic last night. I am glad I did not. You did a great job of overviewing the situation. What I can add is this. Does anyone really think that Crystal Cruise really wants to bring on Unvaccinated guests? My answer, "YELL NO". When a person or entity that you claim to truly love, does something out of character, why can't we all STOP for a second and look a little deeper. That is where Ivi overview above comes in. I am going to be out of character with my next statement however I finally had enough of
  2. No, Crystal Does not do the same policy that NCL and other brands do. I knew that before I booked and accepted that part of their policy. So no surprise to me. That is why I am not angry at them. As it relates to NCL's policies. After three cancellations with them, I am an expert, LOL. Regardless, I will always hedge my bets with insurance as you mentioned. Much softer blow when you know your are covered. I will be on the NCL Joy November 2021 with my entire family so we have that to look forward too. Thanks for the comments and cruise well.
  3. See, you are completely right. It is my fault completely. I could have picked a "A Safer" vacation. In truth, we never go to get to the vacation. She got Covid 8-days prior to sailing. A better quote might be, "You could have chosen a better state during a pandemic." I love the great state of Alabama. However the state is underutilizing the vaccine availability. That combined with the Delta variant makes for quite the cocktail. We the cruise, which was fully vaccinated. Plus everyone at the port had to test negative to get on the ship. That vacation was safer
  4. LOL, CAREFUL, you said the big NO/NO. You dare to mention children. Boy did I learn my lesson on that one. Parents, take a heart pill. We know that you are not the issue, they your children are not at fault. The comment was about unvaccinated guest not meant to offend anyone you or your children. AubreyC, I did my best. I feel you completely. Bringing up children is a tough topic.
  5. I was interviewed about a year ago for an article on Apple News about why cruise lovers are willing to cruise during covid-19. I write op-ed on cruising frequently especially about NCL and the Haven. Those that read my comments know I always attempt to be professional, realistic, and positive. Just like many of you, I am now on my 5th cruise cancellation. Three for NCL, one for Oceania and not one for Crystal Cruises. The last one for Crystal Cruises was exactly 8 days before we were about to leave from the Port of Nassau, Bahamas. A fully vaccinated cruise. Different from t
  6. Oh, heck. So sorry, I must have missed that. Sorry for the confusion on my part. Thanks for clearing it up. Appreciated.
  7. I did not explain myself, in no way do I think the other brands are less safe or are doing anything wrong. NOBODY not any brand wants an issue. I just personally, that is the key personally like NCL approach better. Thank you for the way you responded, it was professional and clear. We will start a trend here, LOL
  8. NCL was not late to the game at all. By the way, I do not have skin in the game. My cruise is at the end of November. The issue was NCL knew that the only way they could be the highest potential of safe for there crew and guest was fully vaccinated cruises, PERIOD. They knew as ever other cruise brand did, that an outbreak would be the end. NCL has a brand new terminal in Miami that has not been really used yet. A HUGE investment for them and the state. The Florida Government create the law about asking if a cruiser has a vaccine. As I know in my great state of Alabama, the
  9. Future cruise credits are just that. Consider that Delta Airlines gave you a $500 future travel credit. Then, you got another two at the same amount. You could us all of them on one flight to Europe or anywhere else. The same holds true for FCC. It can go the other way as well. If you have a $10,000 future cruise credit, you can book two cruises at $5,000.00 each. I hope that makes sense.
  10. Mind boggling to you, it is that times 10 to us. And yes Nancy, it makes little sense to us as well. My purpose in posting is to say be careful everyone. Use good business judgement. Still, even with the Vaccine, you can still get Covid. It won't be as bad, but you can still get it. The issue is you will get over it also. I still say, you are safer on a fully vaccinated cruise ship then in your local grocery store. Especially in a state that thinks getting vaccines is a bad thing.
  11. You made a statement, "People need to get serious the few weeks before and during the cruise." It doesn't matter. My wife and I thought the exact same way, we continued to wear masks, socially distanced, and did not go out except for the grocery store. She got Covid-19 8-days prior to our cruise. We were super careful and have been much more careful then most. We also live in Alabama where it is one of the worst states for taking the Vaccine. On being careful on the actual cruise. I think you are referring to the guest that made a reference to asking her butler to take off
  12. Read #51. Tom corrected himself.
  13. May, that was my concern as well. My wife told me it was 2-3 weeks on a mild case. That is my only concern and I would never consider any date if she could not enjoy the full benefits of a Crystal Cruises. The good news because we purchase Cruise Travel Insurance and purchased our cruise with an American Express Platinum Card, I will be made whole financially allowing me wait or book possibly at the last minute. Cruise with no taste for food is a "No Go" for sure.
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