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  1. We are on the Sept 26th cruise from Athens to Rome.  This will be our first cruise as we gphave always been independent travelers in Europe etc.  On all of our trips we have never taken travel insurance.  Could use some help deciding if we want/need to take it for this cruise.

    Thank you for any help.

  2. TravelCat, I just threw United out as an example. I will not fly United.

    i am looking at Delta (AF) to go but do not see the return AF flight I want on Delta sight.  So I was just wondering if you can request different airline.  Of course, I can request anything, Will Regent accept.  Thanks again for your help.


  3. Thank you everyone for all your replies. I am looking at a flight with a 3 hour layover in FRA before flying to Athens.  Of course, trip is not until 9/26 so Lufthansa could change flights! There is another option to fly thru Munich.  Thoughts on that?

    Also we disembark in Rome (6am). I am looking at a 11:45 am flight home at FCO.

    do you think that is ok? Regent rep said anything after 11am.

    thanks again for all of your help.


  4. Travelcat2, can I bother you with one more question.

    our last port is Rome and it says 6 am on the itinerary.  I called Regent to ask what would be safe time for a flight home, Rep said anything after 11 am.  May I ask your opinion on that as you have cruised so much.  Thanks again.  Come on the cruise.  I would love to meet you.



  5. Travelcat2, I was hoping you would reply about air deviation.  Yes I have flown thru Frankfurt many times and I guess Ihave been lucky with passport control and connections.  I will definitly leave plenty of time.  I think there is a connection thru Munich which might be a better choice.  Thanks again!

  6. I have read most of the discussions on this topic.

    We are on Voyager 9/26 HolyLand to Vatican cruise.  We will be flying from LAX.  

    I am wondering if I should do air deviation.  I would prefer to fly Lufthansa LA to Frankfurt then FRA to Athens.  This is our first cruise so I am wondering if Regent will accept this choice or will I h e to pay extra besides deviation fee.  I appreciate any thoughts on this.  Thanks!

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