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  1. So were torn about what to do. We looking at 2 sailings: Freedom 8 night sailing which will do a Southern Caribbean itinerary ( Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, Bonaire and Aruba) vs. Horizon 6 night Western Caribbean Sailing going to Ocho Rios, Cozumel and Grand Cayman. Heres our situation: Several adults going, most of which are late 30s in age to late 40's in age. All of the adults are pretty active. Children ranging in age from 6 years old to 11 years old We were initially supposed to sail this year on the Breeze ( that has been cancelled ) so the Freedom will be sailing the exact same itinerary that the Breeze wouldve done this year We love the itinerary but we don't care for the smaller ships. After sailing the Breeze and even the magic we knew that we didn't want to sail anything smaller than Dream Class of ships. We have never been to Bonaire or Aruba so again that itinerary is definitely inviting. We've never sailed on the Horizon however we have been to all of the ports that it will visit on this itinerary. We love the thought of a newer bigger ship but the itinerary is just " ok " for us. Also we only get 6 nights with this sailing instead of 8 with the Freedom. We've taken a vote amongst our group and we're dead split 50 /50 Any thoughts on the 2 ships Will we miss having more activities choosing the Freedom? Hows the condition of the Freedom?? Any suggestions / recommendations are appreciated.
  2. I just contacted the distillery and Im super excited about the tour. I did ask about how far of a ride it is from the cruise port and I was told 20-30 minutes. Im wondering how much a taxi will be to / from the cruise port?
  3. Thank you so much for the information. I greatly appreciate it.
  4. I installed the App into my Android phone, however it will not allow me to log in. I am able to log in just fine on my laptop just not the app. I tried to reset my password on the app however it says user not found, however I was able to reset it on my computer. Nothing has helped. Also on my computer when I go into my profile I noticed a small icon that looks like an eye next to my profile pic. It says that I am anonymous and will not be seen on any list. What does this mean? Will my post be seen? Im not even sure if this post will be seen. Help please
  5. Did you do the excursion? Just wondering how everything worked out?
  6. I never ever knew who the cruise director was on any of the ships that weve sailed until a few years ago on the Magic. We had Rev Dr E and he was awesome. That was our first experience of truly enjoying a cruise directly. since that time weve only had 1 other that was great "Kendall Fire" They don't make or break the cruise for me but a good one can make it much more fun
  7. Weve purchased the Chat feature within the app for our last few cruises. It definitely works better on some ships than on others. We noticed on some ships that although you would send a text to someone, they may not get the message until hours later. However last year on the Breeze the messages seemed to go through instantly with no issues. So the chat feature is definitely hit or miss. We do love the access to the funtimes on the app as well as the menus and just overall knowing whats going on without having to carry around that piece of paper. I hope they eventually add the Camp Carnvial info. That would be a big help.
  8. Has anyone taken this tour without going through the cruise line? Just wondering how far it is from where the ship docks. I see that the tour can be booked directly through the Distillery Also any other thoughts regarding the distillery is appreciated.
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