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  1. I've only been on NCL ships because of their amazing solo traveler program. I would like to try RC but can't seem to navigate their website to find a solo room. There don't seem to be many solo cabins and when I do find a ship with them, they are already sold out. Does anyone have any tips? I called the toll free number and they weren't much help. I am not willing to pay double. Thanks
  2. Every time I try to compose a message to another cruise critic member, I get a message that pops up and says "You are allowed to send 0 messages per day". What?!? How do I bypass this?
  3. Silly question but are beach towels provided on NCL Bliss? I'm packing in a carry-on for an upcoming 7 day cruise so I don't want to add anything unnecessary. Towels are bulky! I guess I can always use the towels in the cabins? Thanks
  4. I am one of "those" people who have to unpack, iron and hang everything immediately when I get to the room. I ask my room steward when I first arrive for an iron and ironing board and have never had a problem.
  5. I usually tip $1 per drink. The bartenders remember you and will bend over backwards for you when they see you. It's amazing how little they make so I don't mind tipping extra for good service. It isn't required but always appreciated
  6. I'm trying to decide on my free offer. It's between the Specialty Dining Package and the Ultimate Beverage Package (or whatever it's called now). I know with both packages, I'll have to pay gratuities and such, just wondering what is the best bang for my buck. Does anyone know the prices of the "free" offers (aka how much do you pay in taxes/fees)? I'm not much of a drinker and I don't know the average prices of the drinks. If I get the specialty dining package, is it like the main dining room where you can order 2 entrees and all the desserts (kidding) if you want or are you limited to one app/entree/dessert? I've been known to order 2 desserts (don't judge hahahaha). I usually only order two drinks per day so it might be cheaper/about the same to just pay for my own drinks. On the specialty dining offer, how many meals is that? Thanks all!
  7. Thanks...seems NCL gave me the wrong information. They told me that Joy had the same things as Bliss (sauna, salt room, pool, etc) so I wasn't sure why they wouldn't offer weekly passes. This is definitely a cruise I will cancel.
  8. I booked a cruise on NCL Joy for October. My main draw has been the thermal spa suite weekly pass offered by NCL but I didn't see this as a choice. I called NCL directly and was told Joy would NOT have a weekly pass for cruisers. You must book a spa service to use the facilities. What?! This makes no sense. She said this could change if enough people are upset by it so call please and let them know it's a great addition. It's my main "activity" since I don't hang out at the noisy, overcrowded pool.
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