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  1. we want to take our first Disney Cruise and our choices are this...

    Port Canaveral on Dream 3days no sea day

    Miami on Magic 4 day with1sea day


    is it better to have a sea day to soak up more Disney fun?

    now I heard that you Get more of a Disney experience leaving from Port Canaveral ???

    not sure why this would be true unless it’s the Disney bus from Orlando.

    those with experience on the ships which one would you pick?

    also would be around Dec. 5 th would the ship be decorated for Christmas?


    thanks for any help!!!

    have a happy Saturday !!!!

  2. Wow !!! A dedicated board!!! That is some awesome....

    so I am doing my first trip from Tampa to Amsterdam in May.

    all the ports are new and I’m excited about all the sea days.

    the ship is the Brilliance and I like that size. I have been on big, small, and in between.

    i read good reviews about the Brilliance, except for the Smokey casino.


    some questions I have are on a May sailing will the solarium pool be usable? Or too cold?

    we bought the 3 night dinner package, will the food keep rotating or get repeated?

    i want to pack light, As much as I can, do people get really dressy for formal night?

    I do have an active roll call, but it will be great to have this chat board.

    thanks for any and all help!!!!


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