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  1. Hi all, are there any chat boards that discuss transatlantic cruises? thanks
  2. This totally sucks for me. I can’t stand cig smoke and I’m doing a 15 night transatlantic in May.....maybe a mask would help????
  3. 😉 My happy story is our first transatlantic to Amsterdam in May....and we’ll be diamond after that...in the mean time my happy time is when I continue to research the ports...they are all new!!! on a side note I’m really happy to see my Nephew get married in a few weeks and see my siblings...We do not close to each other... hope you have a blessed week!!! And thanks for starting the thread!!
  4. Going to Bermuda for the first time...middle of May....where to go for snorkeling....beach or boat... water temp? thanks for any help! Merry Christmas!!!
  5. So I booked my flights months ago and I wanted to go in and check other flights..I’m worried we won’t have enough of a layover In Paris... anyway I’m wouldn’t let me look..help please and thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!
  6. So we do live in Jacksonville but it is way more expensive to fly to Jax. It was over $2,000We did book with Air2Sea. I was going to check some different flights on Air2Sea but the website won’t let me get to flights...it says I have to call to make changes. I do appreciate all the responses that I have gotten, it has been helpful!!!
  7. Thanks for the replies... we are on a Delta flight operated by Air France leave Amsterdam at 10:30...to Paris with the layover it is one ticket all the way. this is May of 2020 have the reservation, but have not paid for it yet. So no ticket has been done yet... we booked our tickets with the Air2Sea program
  8. We are flying to Miami from Amsterdam. We layover in Paris. Our time there is 1 hour 40 minutes.will that give us enough time? thanks for any advice!
  9. Thanks for the Blue Lagoon suggestions. I’m going to check that out right now....
  10. Coming home from Amsterdam we fly into Miami....will spend the night and fly home to Jacksonville the next morning... would like a nice, not too expensive hotel right by the airport... thanks for any help!!!🦋
  11. I’m sending you prayers and blessings for your healing. Your reviews and photos are some of the best I’ve ever seen on CC. I know you enjoy doing them....thank you!!!😃
  12. We love the Tahitian Inn...nice rooms, very clean, pool and grounds... complimentary pick from airport and ride to port. Has a nice breakfast/lunch place (not free). All this for around 150.00 It is not a chain hotel. good luck
  13. Way to go!!! I remember how happy we were when we made Platinum!!!! keep on cruising!!!
  14. What is your tried and true method
  15. What is your tried and true method?
  16. Thanks to everyone who replied..I really appreciate it!!!
  17. I guess.. that is what it on the website..Air2Sea....I’m going to call them as soon as I have a chance to ask some questions.....
  18. I was referring to The Air2Sea website...the choices are Business class.....Standard Economy....or Mixed class.... Premium economy is not a choice....and if you choose standard economy you cannot upgrade...
  19. Does Final payment mean before the cruise line final payment date or does it mean before you have paid in full? So we cruise next May and have already pain in full. we did buy ins. Through RC but would also like to add medical that would include prior medical issues. thanks!!!
  20. It would be stopping in Paris, then on to Miami....we live in Jacksonville but it was super expensive to fly there as was Orlando...Miami was even cheaper than Atlanta...
  21. Will it be horrible to fly that long haul in basic economy? On Delta...? we could do United for around 200.00 more basic to Paris and then a economy plus ( or what they call it). thank you for your help!!!!
  22. I didn’t know anything about the miles I would earn for this flight..the info you gave me is confusing...I’ll just call and ask...Happy 4th...
  23. Hey all, thanks so much for your help..I had checked the Air2Sea program....but I checked to fly into Jacksonville or Orlando... 2,600.00..so I did just check flights into Miami and yes on Delta I can fly for 305.00(Dollars). Delta is my go to airline...so I will get some good miles on that flight. (I’m assuming I can attach my FF #)... special thanks to epixx and CruiseDigits......
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