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  1. 30.4.23, one would hope so, otherwise the cruise industry is really doomed.
  2. Good ship Golden Princess, well she was, I hope P&O have not 'butchered' her. We did Buenos Aires to LA - Around Cape Horn on her in 2014. I bet she has had additional bunks fitted to make family cabins as they did with Regal Princess - Pacific Dawn. It impacts on public area space.
  3. In 2012, we did 50 days on Arcadia, Sydney to Southampton. It was great, but glad to get off, 3 to 4 weeks for me is long enough. I have done several 30 dayer's.
  4. Tis the full monty at a good price. If I could afford, bearing in mind as a solo traveller it would cost me $160,000 for a balcony cabin, ouch.! I would need to sell my house, lol. I will stick with this next week..the whale watch cruise from Eden, sea state permitting.
  5. Good value then, with business class air fares (if inc from Australia) tours, booze. Half the price of Coral Princess 22/23 worldies, which is cruise only.
  6. In the meantime Mic, you have to be content with....
  7. I could find no pricing, my 200,000 dollars was a ball park figure, perhaps more. Tickets please !!!!😂
  8. Here is the latest from Sky Princess, Sip and cover, have a drink and put that mask back on. Not for moi.
  9. The above are only 2 day (or two nights? party cruises? I would not call them a bargain, expensive in my view, to be fair.
  10. No, it was a Princess deal, organised by our then TA at Engadine NSW. Our Ghan trip down in the February 2004 was only the 2nd trip down by the Ghan on the new line. There were many Train nuts on board, Aussies and overseas. Many of them thought it was a new train, no !! Old rolling stock from the 70's and 80's, just new rails. So the enthusiasts were a bit unhappy.
  11. So all Australia is a Hot Spot according to Qld Govt? I think I will stay out of the joint, even though I have family up there, sister and brother @ Currumbin, Nerang and the Vet Grand daughter at Townsville.
  12. Give it a couple of weeks, people are still hesitant in going out. I went to my golf club yesterday (Club Catalina) for lunch, there were about 10 people in the 150 seat bistro, 3 people in the big gaming room and that was about it. As for the Brits, they have their heads stuck in the sand, I think the UK Government has given up. I watch a few restaurant reviews on you tube, 'Rate my Takeway', 'The McMaster' etc, hardly a mask in sight in the venues and on the street and they are vlogs almost live. I don't think UK Govt is releasing how many unvaccinated are in the case totals. In the north of England, the covid case rate is just on 1 in 100 getting it, i.e. Manchester. I have relos in England, Half Sister, 5 Aunts and many cousins, most don't want to discuss Covid, they believe it is over !! Wrong !!!!
  13. UK reports just on 50,000 new cases and 45 deaths this past 24 hrs. Will we be the same when the restrictions are relaxed? Hope not.
  14. I don't trust that Anna P with her open and shut border policies, she could shut it again in a micro second.
  15. The chef should have used his/her 'loaf' 😁 got out the liquid eggs in a carton and smashed out a load of scrambled eggs, lol. Easier than cooking fried or poached eggs for 8 wealthy mega yacht guests😂
  16. We did a sail/stay/rail back in February 2004 on Star Princess, Sydney to Darwin, 5 nights in Darwin in a suite hotel plus tours to Kakadu etc, then Ghan to Adelaide then transferred to Indian Pacific to Sydney, great trip.
  17. Not booked the Edge, been on Solstice some 7 years ago to Nu Ziland. I liked the ship. Is Captain Kate driving the Edge?
  18. Most of our cruising was done in part obstructed view cabins and you could get them on Princess for $100 pptws. Only in the past 5 years did we splurge on balconies and the odd mini suite.
  19. ACT has opened its borders to some surrounding LGA's, including my area Eurobodalla. Makes it easier to get to Canberra, in my case for a medical appointment. So cruising on Lake Burley Griffin is available for some of you cruise fans.
  20. Correct Mic, I had a look around up there when I was on the hip in 2017. They only carry the dogs on the Transatlantics. About 20 odd kennels from memory. Your turn.
  21. I should know, been through them twice on Coral Princess and Island Princess. OK, Which ship are these fellows on?
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