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  1. I don't know when your cruise is, but I will be on GSC in about 10 days (fingers crossed). We had booked a Large Cabana, but I received an email from NCL the other day that they had upgraded us to a Lagoon Villa (at no charge). We actually wanted a Large Cabana, as we have no interest in AC, a flat screen TV and movies ...but it's a done deal so we will go with the flow. What the heck, right?? And I can give you updated info on this then.
  2. Due to the coronavirus, they are if you show any symptoms like sneezing, coughing, congestion, etc. Anyone with a temp over 100.1 is not allowed to board.
  3. You are right! I just rechecked the latest email I received and it appears to now say no temp screening unless symptoms. That's a load off--so glad you posted this!
  4. I hear you. What I would do is tell them it is a hotflash and tell them to do it again as soon as it is over. Hopefully they would be at least that reasonable, to wait 2 minutes (or however long).
  5. That's not going to happen. They have their protocol in place and I'd be shocked if anyone at check-in would veer from that. They won't want "excuses" or explanations, they swipe your temp and either it's acceptable or away you go.
  6. I am past that, fortunately, but have wondered about it and would be concerned too. Hot flashes cause your skin temperature to rise 4-7 degrees but your core body temperature stays where it is supposed to be. So my question is about how they take your temperature, If it's a quick skin swipe, it might be a problem. Does anyone know?
  7. This input is really good--thank you all so much! I think I need a second look at the FR menu before deciding. I have one somewhere. Not into sushi but as I remember there were several other things there that looked very good. Decisions, decisions!
  8. I will be on the Bliss in 11 days (yay). I have all my dining sorted out and reservations made (not something I ever thought I'd do--circa the true Freestyle Dining years--but whatever, things change). The only one I am having second thoughts about is Ocean Blue. I am wondering if maybe I should switch that one for Food Republic. I'd be interested in opinions from those who have been to one or the other (or ideally, both). I have heard good things about Ocean Blue ... but I also have heard negative things and some "meh" things. I have not hear one bad thing about Food Republic. Hence my second thoughts. Opinions please (and yes, I understand that food is subjective). Besides opinions on the food, I am also very interested in knowing if there is any down side to using the Specialty Restaurant package for Food Republic. How would that work? Doesn't seem like the menu is geared towards appetizer/entree/sides/dessert. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  9. That is exactly what I have. All in the same policy, not two different ones. Stuff happens...
  10. Only one device at a time. It can be very slow and eat minutes up fast, so always be sure to log out when you are finished using it.
  11. I look at it as "a gift is a gift" (as in, free). I've had super expensive, moderately expensive and NCL-type champagne/sparkling wine. I enjoy it all. Put it in OJ if your palate is more sensitive. Or just don't drink it. Not a big deal to me one way or another! I guess when it comes to freebies, I'm just pretty easy to please, lol.
  12. No, that's not what I meant. I meant the divvying up of the specialty meal perks. I guess I don't really understand what you want to do. I was thinking that if someone gets a specialty meal package then I don't think someone else can use it. Clearly I am not the right person to listen to!
  13. There might not be a problem since you will be in the GV, but I don't think you could count on it being allowed in a regular cabin or suite. I could be wrong--but some of what I have read indicates they can be strict on this...
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