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  1. Yes, I agree try and work through the pre-cruise concierge if you are thinking a sailaway party. Hopefully he or she will do a better job than the one time I was in contact with one, when they first started doing that for suites! Mine was basically useless and really did not help me out much. They had offered pre-cruise help with choices of pillows, requests for certain items (like particular mixers, etc) in your cabin. When I boarded, really nothing had been done or communicated to the butler. But like I say, that was several years ago. Maybe by now they have it down. Certainly worth a shot.
  2. I hope it is! But I don't know either. Would love to go to it next year in February! Fingers crossed.
  3. OK, thanks for the explanation. I'm on FB a fair amount and have not seen that. I don't do Twitter, though. Maybe it's common there. In any case, thanks!
  4. What does YMMV mean? Never seen that before!
  5. Sorry, I never noticed your last question. I think it would be difficult to set this up before you board. The butler will be busy with his current peeps. But once onboard, ask him or her and it will be fine. Enjoy!
  6. Yes you can indeed do that. We had a small party like that once. We asked for some appies/snacks from the room service menu that we liked, and even things from the buffet are available, I know that because the Butler offered to bring bite-size pieces of pizza, which I assume he got from the buffet (and had cut up). We also had cheese and crackers, some grapes and strawberries, and a couple other things like cookies. I can't remember exactly. But it was very nice and the Butler seemed happy to do it for us.
  7. So sad when it ends! Thank you so very much--this just upped my excitement even more. And I love the way you write. No more relaxaustion for you guys until the next one!
  8. That's a sin to serve the fondue room temperature! On my very first NCL cruise (on the Dawn many moons ago when it was a new ship) I had that for dessert and I truly felt like I was in heaven! I intend to order it on my cruise next year (along with the profiteroles cuz God forbid I shouldn't have enough to eat). If it is not any least very warm, I am thinking I may have to ask if they can "fix" it. Hate to be a PITA but we're talking important stuff here!
  9. Relaxaustion! LOL Best way to describe it. Thanks for this--I feel like I'm onboard. Relaxausted.
  10. Hi Sam, Greenie here. 😉 hoping they have martooni tastings on the Bliss as I just booked it for next year!
  11. Lol. We haven’t either. Technically they are there for Platinum non-suite pax but I think they are overloaded with the suites.
  12. Enough already. Jeez. This is just the sort of thing I disliked seeing the last time I was here. We are sharing this board for information and sometimes friendship. I will stop picking at it, I hope you will too. forget I said anything, sorry to have offended. Ok?!
  13. Not really, no.. I have been a member for about 10 years but had not cruised in a couple. I could not remember my old sign in info so started anew.
  14. I did not realize it was 4 years old, that’s why. And yes of course people are free to express opinions. However, the OP has repeatedly asked that this thread be about the facts as to where smokers can smoke on the different ships. I respect the intent and request by the OP, Apparently you do not. And really, don’t you think it’s a bit dramatic to call my comment an attack? 😂
  15. Not a helpful comment. No one is looking for an opinion, just the facts as to where smoking is allowed.
  16. I don't really care what it looks like--it sure didn't look like much a number of years ago when I first went there! It's just nice to get off the ship for a few hours and be on sand and swim in the ocean. I'm not a person to lie in the sun for a long time., so a couple of beverages, some lunch, a walk-about, a swim and a bit of sunning and I'm ready for the ship again! I'm just glad they have a place like that to visit!
  17. That has happened to me. Now I no longer give them any email address other than mine.
  18. Does anyone have a copy of the menu for the Haven restaurant? I found numerous ones online but they are nearly impossible to read. Thanks--
  19. I am Platinum Plus and my sister, who is sharing my cabin, is not. She will be able to board with me.
  20. Thanks, Turtles! It would not have appealed to me on my previous cruises, when you could still smoke on the balcony (and when I was not traveling solo, as I will be on this one). Since you can't do that anymore, I don't expect to be spending as much time out there. Plus I like to sit out there in my nightshirt (!) in the morning, having coffee so more privacy is better! I know from experience how cold it is on sailaway and for the first day or so when leaving from NY in the winter. So a partially enclosed balcony will certainly help with that.
  21. Thanks, MusterDrill for your take on it. I could not find any pictures of one on the Gem, just the Jade. So I was wondering if the Gem's were the same. I see your point but I'm thinking I might like it for the privacy and to be able to be out there more on a cold weather trip out of NY. It's probably pretty hot though, once you are down in the caribbean. Still thinking it over.
  22. It's been a couple of years since I have been on NCL. Looking at a cabin that only has another cabin on one side of it. It lists as a partially covered balcony. What does that mean exactly? Does anyone have a picture of one? I assume this is the result of some of the upgrades on the ship. Thanks in advance.
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