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  1. It was worth it for us when our kids were little and we didn't want to spend a lot of time walking. If you prefer to not walk, then yes, it's worth it.
  2. When we used Anastasia's Travel, we had the same guide for both days, so we tipped at the end of the entire tour. I would check with your tour operator to see if you will be having the same people for both days.
  3. I agree with spthealien. Don't do it. If you want truly great pics, get a great camera to take with. If you want decent cell phone pics, use a google pixel.
  4. We use Anastasia's Travel when we head that way. Her team is fantastic and easy to work with. They have a tour already set to go or you can customize your own tour. We have done both, and enjoyed both. Her team is very knowledgeable and eager to share information about the city. They are excited to show you around and very professional. We would definitely use them again (and we have :))
  5. So much to do in St. Petersburg and so little time to do it all. The recommendations above for places to see are all good recommendations. Definitely talk to a tour operator and get booked with them. If the 16 person group is still too big for you, talk to them about a private tour. I know some of them don't do those. We used Anastasia's Travel because they do. Because our group was just us, we were able to do more and see more. We were able to focus on our agenda and get to where we wanted to go, while avoiding the lines. Our tour guide was sensational. She was willing to let us set the pace at each place and when we were ready, then we moved on. Good Luck and enjoy your trip!
  6. I'm on board with the private tour option - especially for St. Petersburg. It's well worth it. We used Anastasia's Travel, and our guide went at our pace. (We have little kids). It was fantastic to know that we weren't just hustled through - that we got to see what we wanted to see, at our pace. Something like that would be a good option for you probably. I know also that some of the tour operators give discounts if you use them in multiple ports, so this could help you in other places as well. (I'm pretty sure Anastasia does.) Good luck and I hope you keep healing!!
  7. Check with the cruise line - You may be able to get a partial refund. Probably not much else you can do. Good Luck, and I hope you don't need to have surgery. Ugh 😞
  8. Yes, you can certainly just enjoy a day at the beach without a shore excursion. You may have cab fare to get there. Do some research on which beach in the port meets your needs, and then you can just let the cab driver know where you want to go.
  9. I always bring a deck of cards (well, two decks) because they are small. We rarely use them, but when we do, it's nice to have them. I bring a regular deck and a pinochle deck. I rarely find anyone to play pinochle with, but I try!
  10. There's also a Holiday Inn in the Rocky Point area that we have stayed at a few times. We've had good luck with them.
  11. I wouldn't wait when booking for that many people. Especially if you have a set date and destination in mind. We'll occasionally do a last minute cruise but it's mostly just to get away from the snow, so we don't care where or when we go 🙂
  12. I guess she is making a decision on Wednesday. We'll see what happens. If Carnival is truly doing what they are accused of, I'm ok with it. I swim in that water! (well, not right there, but you get the gist).
  13. So, I can bring my gun, just not my ammo? and assuming I want to go hunting I can't buy ammo? That's just weird 😂
  14. It's cheaper to park offsite. Most offsite places have a shuttle to the port for quick and easy access. Just plan a few extra minutes to get to and from your car if going this route.
  15. Yes, bring beach toys. I always tuck a few in the suitcase when we go. I still do this, and my kids are 7 and 10. We only had to use one pack and play at a time, so we didn't have that issue, but one thing that did work well for us was our 3 year old slept in the bed with me and my hubby took the twin bed (or vice versa - my hubby and I rotated). It helped him sleep better during the night, instead of being in his own bed. I'd check to make sure you can have a fan before bringing one. We never bring one with us.
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