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  1. Post this in your roll call and you will be able to hook up with other cruisers on board your ship!!
  2. I bring my ruck and weight plate. Any other GRTs out here?
  3. Look on Backcountry.com. They always have sales, and your $100 Keens can usually be bought for $40.
  4. I love my Tieks. They run a bit small, so order the next size larger. They are worth ordering, and I've had no issues with returning when I didn't like the pair I ordered.
  5. Plenty of time. It's just a short walk to the station. Have fun on the train!
  6. We always called and requested one ahead of time. Never had any issues with getting one delivered to our room.
  7. We love Disney with our kids, 7 and 10. And our kids are a good age for it. We've also done Royal Caribbean. Our kids have had a good time on both cruise lines.
  8. This. We do this too. Shuttle from the airport to the hotel, then shuttle to the terminal. It's easy and perfect for avoiding the pesky car seat rules.
  9. I'm a Salomon gal personally. Usually if you check the Steep & Cheap page of BackCountry.com, you can find them on sale for $40 - $60 instead of the $100+ price tag.
  10. As everyone above has mentioned, thunderstorms are common this time of year in Florida. They usually last less than an hour. I wouldn't worry about it ruining your vacation - just bring a light rain jacket with for these moments and you'll be fine.
  11. Contact an independent tour operator. We used Anastasia's Travel, and that worked well for us. If you do a private tour, you will be able to pick where and when you want to go. You can do all day tours, or partial day tours, or mix and match. This is definitely the way to go! We had a great time and would do it again!
  12. We used a private tour group instead of using the ship's excursions. We went with Anastasia's Travel and had an amazing experience with them. They helped us customize our tour so we could see what we wanted to see and they were in communication with us, right up to our trip. Of course, they took care of all the paperwork, etc, so when we disembarked from the ship everything was ready to go. Our guide met us at the ship and we were off on our tour. Our guide got us through the lines with no waiting, and let us take our time at the different places we visited. She was able to share some extra fun facts about the city that we would not have learned otherwise. It was fantastic.
  13. Things have been going pretty good. If you take the ship's excursions in port, then you get off right away when your tour is expected to leave the ship. If you use a private tour group, like Anastasia's Travel, etc, then you leave the ship about an hour or so after the ship docks. Most of the tour groups are aware of this and schedule their tours accordingly. When we were there last year the first day didn't really take any longer than the second day. Our tour left in the morning (we did a private tour).
  14. We did a private tour with Anastasia's Travel. It gave us the best of both worlds. We didn't need a visa, because we were with a tour group and since it was a private tour, we could do what we wanted, when we wanted to, just like not being on a tour. Also, quite a bit less expensive than the cruise ship tours, so that was a bonus. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable, and able to share a lot of information about the city that was not in the guidebooks, etc. We got to learn all of the extra little tidbits that you don't get when you do it on your own. For us, this was the way to go. We would do it again.
  15. It was worth it for us when our kids were little and we didn't want to spend a lot of time walking. If you prefer to not walk, then yes, it's worth it.
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