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  1. Hi Viv, Congrats for joining the cruising life! I love it when I have a balcony. Nothing beats a cup of coffee or a glass of wine on the balcony. Having said this, I do not always book an outside cabin. It depends on how much the price difference is. If its minimal, pay a little extra. But if the price difference is a little too big, go for the inside cabin. There are always open public areas where you can enjoy the view. Also double check the amenities per cabin category. Sometimes you get a little extra with an upgraded suite, which makes the total price difference minimal. And in my opinion, the outside cabin with only a window and no balcony are the same as interior cabin.
  2. Hi, For time differences I use a widget on my Samsung phone. Normally I activate 2 dual time widgets on my screen, so that means I can put in four different places that I can easily see at all times. (wifi or not)
  3. The last time we were in St Petersburg with the kids, we had a private tour arranged with Anastasia Travel. When the days are filled of touring it’s nice to have a private tour that is specifically arranged for you. So when the kids get tired, you can just adjust the schedule. That was the case with us. Our tour guide suggested going an area where they were selling those nesting dolls and other souvenirs. The kids picked one out and we were good to keep on touring!
  4. Hi, we travel with one midsize suitcase for the 2 of us. I always bring along an empty bag in my suitcase. This for when I buy too much and my luggage doesn't fit anymore....This works for us. But everybody packs differently, so you just need to find out what works for you. Just remember there are laundry rooms and laundry service onboard. (I also always bring a little laundry soap for a hand wash just in case)
  5. Always bring your passport with you on a cruise. But only bring it with you ashore if the local laws of the country you visiting will require it. This information will be given onboard. If for any reason you are not able to be back onboard and you are "left" behind, the cruise line will have a port agent waiting at the pier for you. They will help you either catch the ship in next port or getting you home. If you are cruising outside of USA or CAN most probably the cruise line will keep the passport for you. The main reason for this is just for your comfort. Every port of call will start with an immigrations inspection. As passenger you normally will not be involved and the officers will take care of this. This is an extremely important procedure and without out the clearance of the immigration, the passengers CANNOT leave the ship. So back to why they keep the passports for you.... what would you prefer in the morning, having a nice leisurely breakfast or getting up early to go in a line to show the immigration your passport? And also, can you imagine this one passenger that kept their passport is not waking up on time and is delaying the whole process (and you are waiting to go out and explore).. I always bring a photo copy of my passport and an additional ID, like a drivers license with me.
  6. I agree, Glacier bay should be in the itinerary. And the smaller the ship the better. Also depending when you will take the cruise, in the beginning and at the end of the season the weather can be chilly so check the pool locations (indoor/outdoor) if you like to be able to use the pool.
  7. Yes, last time we saw the Russian ballet in St. Petersburg we just didnt have enough time to go back to the ship for a change. So we were very casual. I was happy to see that we were not the only ones... The Cruise terminal is quite far out of the city center. Unless you are cruising on one of the smaller cruiselines who dock in the center.... You will enjoy the experience!
  8. Thank you!! I will tell the kids that we will do it once the opportunity arises. I am sure they would love it!!
  9. Regent is not really designed for kids. If there is a teen club offered that means they have extra specialized staff onboard just for the kids. They will organize games and get togethers. I have heard that sometimes they make cookies or with Easter, they have a Easter egg hunt. I guess it is a nice way for the kids to meet each other. And if you are on a med cruise, they will be out with you all the time anyway. Kids club is nice onboard, just do not expect it to be like on the larger ships and you will be fine.
  10. Oh, how jealous I am. I only wish I could just drive to the cruise ship and just sail away. But no, unfortunately that is not an option when you live in SD. It will not stop me from cruising though…
  11. Hi, I believe will be hard to even make a comparison chart. Cause even within the companies itself, each ship is different. And I think that it also depends on where your cruise is going and the fellow passengers. But if you have found a list, do let me know!!! It could help by choosing my next cruise.
  12. Wow that looks like a lot of fun. Do you think it will be safe if we go as a family with 2 teenagers? Is it as easy as it looks? I don't believe I saw them last time we were in Copenhagen. But there is a Baltic cruise in the planning for next year.... Thank you for sharing!
  13. Yes, be careful, those doors are heavy and when the balcony door is open, they really slam close. I always close the balcony door if I am expecting Room service, so they won't have a hard time getting in.
  14. there is a selection of soft drinks and water. Replenished as often as needed. And if you think of something you like to drink, ask the crew, if they have it onboard they will bring some to you. I say, always ask anything. They are very happy to please. you will enjoy!
  15. The times stated are the arrival and departure times. You can leave the ship once the ship is cleared and you have to be back normally 30 min before departure. But be aware and ALWAYS check when you need to be back. There is an information board when you leave the ship to check. I have been to the Space center twice. It was interesting but for me once would have been enough. If you are not interested in space, don't go.
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