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  1. For a cruise going to see the northern lights you might to look for the smaller expedition ships. The luxury and larger liners will not be in that area anymore once it gets darker earlier and colder. But if you find one, let us know, it is still on my bucket list to see!!
  2. i always give a few dollars or euros. I don'[t think gift cards are very handy as they will go home after their contracts...
  3. If I could choose I would go in May. Less "tourists" and the weather is not so hot. The bulk of the tourists come by cruise ships and there are schedules on internet that can tell you which cruise lines are in port. When we took our last Baltic cruise we booked all of our tours with a local tour agent, Anastasia travel. This way we could go as fast or slow as we wanted and our guide took us pass the lines which also saved us some time and agony. (my husband hates waiting in line). I am not sure how long you will be in St. Petersburg, but a minimum of 2 days will be the best. So much to see. We also booked a tour in stockholm and in Warnemunde (not sure if you are going there) through them. Got a little discount for booking several tours. I also recommend staying a few days in Copenhagen before or after your cruise. It is such a nice place. You will truly enjoy this cruise with whatever cruise line you will decide to book.
  4. It all depends on the situation at that moment. If its busy, they might not let them wait in your area. There is really one way to find out... try and see if they let you board together. Just give the officers and crew a big smile.
  5. yes that is the one I meant! Sorry getting a little older. The Crown. I always like these kind of series and I cant wait for the next season and what it will be like. I would love to know the title of the limited series about N. Ireland in WW2. What is your opinion about "22 July"? (not really the same but I really like to know the stories behind a story) I love seeing movies/series that have been filmed in the historical places I have been. It makes it so much more real, I mean you remember the feeling you had when you saw it in person, does this makes sense?
  6. We put our name, phone number and city we live in. Not putting your address doesn't really make a difference, you can find anything on internet these days. So far we never lost luggage (knock on wood) but we heard horrible stories.....
  7. Oh my, I watch as many of those history docu movies as possible. And Host Bonjour, I had the same thought on Chernobyl. I truly enjoyed it. How did you like the Queen series?
  8. Thank you!! I am sure I will see it once in my lifetime. Last time we were on our Alaska trip I kept an eye on that link and I know it's almost impossible to see during late summer in Alaska, but I never gave up hope. A few nights I sat on the balcony with a blanket and a glass of wine... never saw it.... But I will definitely book a trip to make sure to see them! Let me know how it went please!
  9. I am so jealous. This is still on my bucket list. I do know about the info page http://www.aurora-service.eu/aurora-forecast/ good luck!
  10. I agree with Jabrow40, have a break in the middle of a school year. And for hurricanes, they will never sail right into it. And they will do everything to make it up to you!
  11. I love Tahiti! All this talk about this made me looking into Regent cruises once more. I should book again....☺️
  12. When I do laundry, I will go early on a port day. So not so many people are doing laundry.... Sea days are better to be avoided.
  13. They will take care of you and if there is anything you like but cannot find, just ask, you never know. Ice should be replenished every day and if you need more just ask your steward or butler. And Room Service is 24/7. We never ask for bottles of alcohol in our suite. I know it's possible, but I know for a fact they will always throw the leftovers. Even if you only poured 1 glass. We just call room service when we feel like having a drink in our suite and they will bring it! Just perfect!
  14. Oh my, I love Regent... For me the crew feels genuine, if that makes sense? And who doesn't love being pampered? The price might be a little higher than other cruise lines, but I just love the all included. Different restaurants, open seating, wonderful food. I remember there was one night I really felt like Indian food. Our waiter told me that we could pre-order anything and if it was available they would make it. The next day was a Indian fest! I am going to follow these live comments!! Have fun
  15. hi, yes those 2-day tours are exhausting. But SO worth it. If you are ok with just visiting a few sights I would recommend doing this by private tour. This way you can go at your own pace and when you don't want anymore, you stop. Maybe as suggested before, 2 half day tours? We booked our tours with Anastasia travel. They were extremely helpful and very knowledgeable regarding the possibilities in St.Petersburg and surrounding areas. Maybe they can help you?
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