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  1. Different people have different interests. So whatever we will say is our favorite, it might not be yours. research all the places, write down what you like to do/see and then decide. And will you stay a few days in the cities before or after your cruise?
  2. Really appreciate it that you have taken the time to write this detailed summery. Now I have to add more places to my Bucket list.
  3. Dont be scared to do it on your own. The tickets are quite easy to get. We took a taxi there when we went. The bus would probably have been cheaper, but I felt more comfortable with taxi to make sure would make it back on time. Maybe you can find another couple to share the taxi with?
  4. I haven't been on the Carnival Breeze, but I find that most regular rooms have little to no space to turn around cause those scooters need quite some room for turning. And if you do not have a special wheelchair accessible room, there might be thresholds that makes it even more difficult. But there might be someone reading this who has more info about the rooms on the Breeze.
  5. Definitely binoculars! such a nice gift, a cruise! I think he would already be happy with that!!
  6. With having a butler you would have nice personalized service. You will have the same person assisting you whenever needed. You would also get pre dinner canapes in your suite. But on the other hand, all the service they provide can also be done by the regular personnel. But in that case it can be a different person all the time..... I would not book especially for a butler but all the bigger suites come automatically with one.
  7. If you are sensitive to rough seas you should be prepared at any time. I have cruised the north sea with calm seas. Once we were on the way to Monte Carlo and we had very rough seas. (so rough a window broke in the Main dining room). So I guess you never know....
  8. I have been to Antwerp, but not while on a cruise ship. The old center is nice just to walk around, go into a chocolate store and have a coffee somewhere with a nice warm Belgium Waffle. What kind of tours are they offering?
  9. We are hardly ever the first ones off. Normally we get breakfast when we are about/ or have arrived. This way we avoid the early crowd and then when we are ready to get off, the ship mostly has been cleared for a while and there are not more lines so we just walk off the gangway.
  10. This is a problem that Venice has for years and it looks like it is getting worse every year. For me, I am not worried about the fact that they could ban cruise ships from Venice forever. But all the history and art that might get lost and never to be seen again. very sad.
  11. What a great idea... I do wish there was a picture. I have a hard time imagining how it would look.😊
  12. I would just book via the cruise line itself and transfer to your agent. But if you are asking what is more important: to stick with your agent or booking the cruise you want to take? For me, I would find another agent to book that particular cruise. (and go back to my own agent for the next cruise)
  13. Yes they are allowed as long as you have requested it ahead of time and filled in the appropriate paperwork. Embarkation might be quite hectic, everybody is eating and then they just stay cause the suites are not ready yet. But you can show them around!
  14. We almost always book our own tours via local operators. I like how they can be a little more flexible and of course the prices are also better in most cases. For the cruise leaving without you? I have been on board several times where we waited for those last 2 passengers that were late. I guess if the captain can wait a little he/she will do that. Worse case scenario, the ship leaves and the port agents is waiting at the pier to get you to the next destination. (never saw that happening though)
  15. Hi, When we were last in the Baltic, we booked all our tours with Anastasia Travel. I guess they are not so very but big as the other travel agents, but I loved the way how our 2 day private tour of St Petersburg came to be. They made some nice suggestions and the price was (at that time) quite reasonable. And when we found out that they could also help us with tours in Germany, Estonia and Denmark. (which added an extra discount when booking several tours with them) . We truly enjoyed all the tours and we will go back!! Actually looking into booking a Baltic cruise in 2020...
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