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  1. angie7911922

    St. Petersburg

    We didn't do the Seabourn excursion. The ship excursions are always so expensive, and I don't really like being stuck in a group of 30+ people and getting herded around. We went with a local tour guide (Anastasia's Travel). This allowed us to avoid some of the lines, and do what we wanted to do. There wasn't a limited amount of time to spend at things - we were able to do everything at our pace and get in what we wanted to see. If there are certain things you have your heart set on, I'd recommend doing something like this instead of doing the ship's excursion.
  2. We used Anastasia's Travel. They completely customized our tour for our needs, and even tweeked it a bit on the fly when a few things took longer than we expected them to. They were willing to work with us to make sure we got to see what we wanted to see, and had some great information on all the sites we were seeing that was not in the guidebooks.
  3. angie7911922

    St. Petersburg

    We used Anastasia's Travel too! They were fantastic!! jgcruz - I would definitely go with a travel group. It makes things much easier. If you do a tour with the ship, you get off, you do what you are told, and you get back on. If you go with a local tour guide, you can do the "walking around" and truly go see what you want to see. It's well worth it!!
  4. angie7911922

    Mystic Kyss Tan

    I don't tan, but my friend used one the other day and loved it. She did it before a wedding, and had no issues.
  5. angie7911922

    Cleavage on Formal Night?

    Rock the look. You won't be in your 20s forever! Enjoy it while you can 🙂
  6. angie7911922

    Mention Bermuda Triangle?

    I've never heard others talking about it on board either, so unless your child specifically asks someone about it, it most likely won't get brought up. After the cruise, let him know the truth. It's a good learning experience. My kids have seen those shows also, but after being on several cruises, they don't care anymore where in the water they are.
  7. angie7911922

    What would you take?

    Nightlight if you have little kids. It gets dark in the cabins at night.
  8. angie7911922

    Port days

    I think the above pretty much covers what you asked. I just wanted to add that your kids will have a fantastic time. Mine were young when we went, and loved every minute. So much, in fact, that my dogs are now sled dogs themselves 🙂 We have huskies, but I'd never hooked them up until we got home!!
  9. angie7911922

    bahama excursions

    As others have mentioned, Half Moon Cay is beach day, so save your beaching for that specific day. On Grand Turks we hit Her Majesties Prison - it's a historic prison. If you like history, it's neat to see, and we went to the lighthouse, and the Salt House. Freeport - I was disappointed, but there will probably be a lot of good information on the Freeport Port of Call thread.
  10. angie7911922

    How to surprise kids...

    Sure. For the first day we left a note at the breakfast nook with a hiding place within the house - something to the effect of, in the place you keep your sandbox toys, you will find something unusual. We put a swimsuit in the sandbox. Then a note that said, tomorrow you may find something in ____ place, etc, etc. We used a swimsuit, binoculars, captain hook (it was a disney cruise), a notebook (we always write down what we do on vacation), a picture of Grandma and Grandpa (they came with us on that one), their favorite movie (for the road trip to the airport), and then the last day, we left the book that disney sends with all the information. They started to piece it together during the week, but they weren't really sure until they saw that. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
  11. angie7911922

    Help - Traveling with 13 year old

    And then to let him hang out with those teens throughout the cruise. They seem to create their own little clique on the ships. It's a great opportunity for your teen to hang with others from various states and countries!
  12. angie7911922

    Europe with 7 and 3 Year Old, Any Advice?

    I brought my backpack and didn't have any issues while I was there. Now, that being said, it is a ruck (goruck.com) not "just a backpack" so nobody was going to get into it without me noticing that they were trying. Just stay aware of your surroundings. Most of the time, pickpockets get to people because they are not paying attention to what is going on around them. The distractions make you an easy target. I've also used cross-body bags in the past, but I like my backpack better, so I keep going back to that 🙂
  13. angie7911922

    How to surprise kids...

    We did a scavenger hunt with our kids once. They got to find a new item each day, and the day that we were going, they got the last piece that put it all together. We started about a week before we left.
  14. angie7911922

    Mediterranean or North Sea Cruise Recommendation

    My kids loved, and I mean LOVED, the Baltic. St. Petersburg was amazing. We used Anastasia's Travel, and they were very good at making sure our tour was "kid friendly". We got to see everything we wanted to see, the kids were entertained, and we all got back on the ship tired and happy. Definitely would consider taking the kids to the Baltic.
  15. angie7911922

    Bring birth certificates to each port?

    You shouldn't need them on the private islands. I always bring them when I'm going to a port in another country though, just to be safe.