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  1. I LOVE love loved the 2br 2ba NCL "family" suite and am now addicted to being in Haven (or comparable) suites. My question in, how do I search for the deal of the day (or month) on line. The cruise lines dangle the deals in front of you, but the price is for an inside cabin and those don't always correlate to the cheapest sailings for a suite. I am super flexible at my work and since I live within spitting distance of a cruise port, I can honestly go on a cruise at any time- like if there was a great deal I could be there before the ship leaves today. Is there a search feature or a trick to looking up the cruises by cabin to find the screaming deals? Thanks for any help. ps- any cruise line really.
  2. Every thing I try to type gives me a “first verify your email”- I have verified it and have gotten a confirmation that I am “all set” six times. Seriously- just let me ask a question.
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