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  1. Has anyone who initially opted for a full cash refund on a cancellation changed their minds and asked for the FCC instead to be immediately applied to a new booking? I will call Crystal on Monday but was wondering about people’s experiences on whether it can be done, how easy/hard it is. Thanks!
  2. I received the survey today. Two observations, one general and one personal. My general observation is that I found it useless to have a "other" option but not the ability to explain what that is and generally no ability to provide any comments. I assume no one is interpreting or analyzing the data and only tallying up results. Having designed many a survey the information gleaned from the comments or explanations is often way more enlightening than the numbers. On the personal one, the ranking question on what's most important to cruise again (paraphrasing here) took me a while because I wanted to do it right. The issue for me was that at least three or four of the options rank equally in my decision making process and some could be interchangeable, meaning I would not expect to have every box checked but a suitable combination of a few of the requirements would do; surprisingly, as conscious as I am (and have always been) about value for my money, in the current scheme of things the pricing/discounts issue ended up ranking last. The easy explanation for this is that without a satisfactory (to me) protocol for Covid in place you couldn't pay me to cruise.
  3. That cuts is so very close for the Serenity's Caribbean cruises.
  4. Some random thoughts: 1. If there is a line that could “experiment” this way, PG makes sense. Small ship (~335 guests), remote, exotic destination including uninhabited islands; special relationship with the local government allows them to secure the disembarkation of any infected guest for treatment onshore. 2. No “mandatory” Covid tests prior to boarding stands out to me. Why not? Seems to me people desperate enough to cruise in these conditions may be less than forthcoming about their activities pre-cruise when completing the health questionnaire; 3. Ponant (owner of PG) does not strike me as the most financially sound line - is this a do or die moment to find out if they could do something similar with the rest of their fleet? 4. It sounds as if it will be a very sterile environment (both literally and figuratively). I don’t doubt they will have some takers but after trying it, would they come back? Recommend the experience to others? 5. Looks like they will enforce social distancing onboard. What will this do to the normal socializing? The spontaneous nature of meeting someone and decide to dine or have drinks together may not be possible. Anyways, we’ll see how it goes.
  5. I just read this, PG starts cruising in Polynesia in late July and Air Tahiti Nui is also resuming flights. Here is a link to the announcement and their Covid-Safe Protocol and most interestingly, their full manifesto (link towards the bottom of the announcement). Wow. https://www.pgcruises.com/travel-advisory
  6. Hi Keith, sent you an email. It is strange as neither Blake nor I received the survey (Crystal has both our emails on file), I checked the spam folders just in case. In any event, one survey will do. Many thanks!
  7. Hi Herman, We did the Seychelles on the Esprit in 2017. Let me start by saying that we absolutely loved the Esprit and if there was one thing we wished was different was not having a balcony in our cabin. I thought that this many not be as important on other itineraries, such as Venice-Dubrovnik because there is more to it than small island hopping in a tropical setting. Having said that, outdoor spaces are plenty and spacious for the 62 passengers, there is a mini pool aft with comfy patio couches, a couple of areas for outdoor dining, a lovely bar, sunny and shaded areas for lounging, etc. The indoor public spaces are also spacious. It never felt crowded indoors or out.
  8. I guess we were not "selected", no survey for either of us yet 😉
  9. We'll be neighbours soon! we just bought a house in Oak Bay and will be moving there next year 🙂
  10. no survey for us, at least not yet. maybe a Canadian thing?
  11. A Crystal moment at home
  12. I don't know if I'm alone in this but my biggest concern related to Covid for 2021 is the long-haul flying to get to/from a cruise, not the cruising itself. I would love for Crystal to develop a bunch of east coast and west coast round trip itineraries with one of the ships based in Florida and other other one in California. It won't work for everyone but it will allow a very large number of people to get to and from port on short, direct flights or driving. I know a lot of people will poke a lot of holes at this but I didn't sleep well last night, I miss cruising and I'm cranky.
  13. Only Saturday night musings, but in thinking about the financial trouble Crystal is going through (yes I know it’s Genting, not Crystal) with cruises cancelled for the foreseeable future, people choosing refunds over FCC, worried (and not unreasonably) about the cruiseline going belly up and therefore not putting up any sizeable deposits, why not a private placement? I personally would have a much easier time “investing” a few thousand bucks on Crystal to try and keep it afloat (that was an unintended pun) than making a deposit in the same amount. I also like the idea of being a Crystal shareholder. Thoughts?
  14. I appreciate everyone's views on this, there is nothing like listening to others to get a proper perspective on issues that for some are mere inconvenience and for others life or death. I found this video which explores (only some of) the issues. It mostly deals with big ship cruising but what I thought was interesting is that it made me think those potential "solutions" to practical matters would work much better on Crystal because there already is much more real estate per passenger. It is also interesting in that it brings up things I hadn't given much thought to yet, like musters and turnaround days, terminals, etc. Don't get me wrong, I hate everything about it (like having to get tickets to attend a show) but I'd rather think that a combination of medical advances (accurate and immediate testing, vaccine and therapeutics) and creative solutions to what seem like insurmountable problems today, may allow us to continue to enjoy cruising in the not so distant future. Here is the link to the video for those interested:
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