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  1. Anyone who states, without equivocation, what the status of air travel rules will be 9-12 months from now is uninformed at best and, at worst, delusional. No one knows for sure. People have, again at best, a slightly educated guess highly influenced by personal point of view and emotions. I am buying tickets for November, December and January right now. It's on the expectation that travel procedures will be at least reasonable. However, I am completely ready for it to go pear-shaped (to quote Globaliser) and will deal with that if I have to. As Ben Frankl
  2. Alaska 2021 season cancelled. https://www.seabourn.com/en_US/news/archive.html
  3. For years, folks talk about flying SW, while the actual code for Southwest flights is WN. In news yesterday, Air Namibia has announced that they are ceasing service and will be liquidating - a victim of the reduced air traffic over the past year. Will IATA reassign the SW code that Air Namibia used? Will it remain in the list of assigned but defunct codes (such as NW and US) or will it be recycled (like CO and HP)? Will it go to Southwest or will Southwest just stay with WN? Musings for a Friday.
  4. She got a ton of criticism in both social and news media. No mention of any threats, just that it was "overwhelming scrutiny" on her family.
  5. Note "probably". Because Crystal doesn't do the weekly loops such as the mass market lines, they don't have the contractual leases on specific piers as some lines have. Crystal, like other "occasional" clients, gets the leftovers.
  6. And yet, "covid-like" stays with us. As for the excess deaths, it is interesting that little effort is being made to analyze when those deaths are from suicide, overdoses, alcoholism and when death is due to lack of treatment for other conditions. It's all blamed on one thing -- the one that Birx said we needed to stay home for, while she met her family for Thanksgiving.
  7. If they die, do they now go in the "Covid" column? Convenient how both cases and deaths can only go up.
  8. Don't forget the good news. Virtually no one has ordinary influenza or is dying from it. Curious how that works.
  9. TPG has decent information with trip reports. Be aware that TPG generates significant income from credit card referral payments. I have noticed that redemption stories often correlate to CC advertisers and signup links.
  10. Shades of the old "Did you pack this bag yourself?" "Did anyone ask you to carry anything for them?" "Have your bags been in your control since you packed them?" That was theater....this now is theater.
  11. FWIW, AS was doing a number of different discount codes at the same time. Probably involved some marketing test to see what channels get what kind of response. I know of at least three other "codes" that were in play, including one that was distributed directly to employees with no public acknowledgement.
  12. A new video showing loading operations for the Skye. It also includes footage from the interior, where boxes now take the place of pampered passengers. Passengers have long been known in aviation as SLF -- Self Loading Freight. Now, the freight needs to be loaded by others. Enjoy.
  13. Word is out that these cities won't be serviced by AA for 2021, though there may be a return in summer 2022. I know that many liked the AA non-stop between VCE and PHL, eliminating a connection in Europe. Plus the BUD and PRG routes fit in with various river cruises. Time to become a bit more flexible in your flight demands -- and a chance to experience other carriers.
  14. Neither of those two will come anywhere close to the level of enrichment program you would find on a Crystal trans-oceanic. Of the two, go with Regent, especially if the Silversea option is on one of their original four ships which are less than half the size of a Crystal ship. But be ready for a different entertainment experience.
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