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  1. I'd also wager that a majority of ALL deaths occur in the "over 65 age group".
  2. And there's a significant factor that you must remember. It can be much different when the AIRLINE cancels your flights as opposed to the passenger cancelling their ticket.
  3. Conflating ANZ with the NZ government? Although, since ANZ is majority owned by the nation, the two can get tied together on policies. As mentioned before with QF, NZ is not the only carrier into the country, so unless the government in Wellington decides to make this an immigration mandate, at least a dozen other carriers would be free to follow their own policies.
  4. Note the difference between a private company making a requirement and a governmental body doing so. A prime example is the "mask mandate" on flights within the USA. Not governmental, and companies are using different standards and enforcement.
  5. Of course, this will not apply to other carriers unless: a) they chose to follow suit, or b) this becomes a governmental mandate rather than a corporate decision
  6. They are a government agency. I rest my case.
  7. Correction. You meant to say 253,00 Americans have died WITH Covid-19. Significant difference. Even overseas, you can fall off a ladder -- but it's a Covid death. https://nypost.com/2020/11/18/croatian-man-who-died-after-falling-from-ladder-was-killed-by-covid-19/
  8. But...but...weren't those same folks who are pushing these vaccines the same people who dismissed the idea of "herd immunity" months ago? Gee....I wonder what might have changed?
  9. And if all the asymptomatic people who have the virus (but don't realize it) do wear a mask, will it then stop any spread? (I would wager No, and have yet to find any data-driven studies on point. Lots of modelling studies, which all depend on the programming assumptions.) What would stop it? An absolutely draconian lockdown quarantine. But absolute. No going to the grocery. No "essential" work. No walking the dog, no leaving your home; a true quarantine. And here's the dirty little secret: all those "leakages" destroy a quarantine. You go to the mailbox, to the grocery,
  10. Ding, ding, ding.....we have a winner here.
  11. All this talk about "we want our money" reminds me of this clip from Groucho in Cocoanuts:
  12. More of a purchase of Asiana by Korean than a merger. Reports are that both airlines will continue to operate, though with a single ownership. This means that you still have Star Alliance tie-ins with OZ, and SkyTeam tie-ins with KE. Should be interesting, as other "group" ownerships have been within one alliance, such as Lufthansa with Swiss, Austrian, and Brussels; IAG with British, and Iberia; Air France with KLM.
  13. Completely depends on the conditions of the ticket cancellation. And it seems that you are still holding the tickets and have not cancelled yet. Best to call and cancel, while finding out about the vacation package. And as for waiting on hold: try putting your phone on speaker and just go about your business for the time you are waiting. When someone comes on, just say "can you hold for a sec while I take you off speaker". And finish your transaction with WN. No need to just be sitting around your desk waiting and waiting and twiddling your thumbs.
  14. THE absolute most under-utilized feature on a phone. People say "I was on hold of 30 minutes". Did they bother to do 30 minutes worth of something else while waiting? Or just stared at a wall?
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