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  1. Thanks M, a wonderful night was had, Thanks to the wonderful Lady WhisperTeam. No one could do it better.
  2. Great photos DC and M. I could actually get them up this time and wasn't giddy from watching that rotating wheel.
  3. Got the invite this morning. Think I missed one. Hope we can get an area away from the piano this time. Good shots again Mysty!
  4. Great night tonight Mysty and Mister. We can't believe how wonderful sailing with Silversea is. We are now spoiled forever. Thanks for helping to spoil us.
  5. Channel 7, drone and spectacular site but we didn't order good weather. Great event anyway.
  6. Thanks for starting this string Mysty. We are CC virgins but have found the communications very helpful. Met T1 and T2 a few times whose names I will not Whisper. Love the understated refirb with some really lovely people on board. So many return world trippers that we almost felt out of it on the first night with all the hugging and kissing going on. I wanted to ask could a Silversea and World Cruise Virgin join in without the "been here before" qualification. There are some really lovely friendly people on board. It was a shame that the old gent had his fall. At 95 it is hard to avoid an injury with a fall like that. The reassuring thing to know is that if we have an accident, the crew will make sure we are safe, even if it means they have to turn the ship around. Well done SS! Maybe we are a bad omen as the last cruise we went on we had to turn round halfway between Melbourne and NZ for a really ill passenger. The shame with that trip was it meant Celebrity Solstice could not meet the schedule to sail into Milford and Dusky Sounds, which was the highlight of the trip. Once again comforting to know the lengths they went to, to save someone's life. Well Mysty you remain a mystery as do all except James Bond and T2, however all will soon be revealed. C U on the 9th.
  7. Thanks for your wishes mysty and what a lovely thought. What a way to start a year; one of the lucky .000? % of the population. To all CC's, all the best for a fantastic year.
  8. Look for big, and look for the smile but the tan and the hair disappeared years ago. Looking forward to saying "giday!"
  9. Thanks mysty! Hope you had a lovely day. WE had a great family Christmas Dinner at about 23 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, overlooking the water. A really beautiful day..........how lucky are we! See you next week!
  10. Hi Mysty and others, As yet, we have not seen anything at all on the Sydney Event (?). My travel advisor doesn't know of anything and Silversea Australia also said they knew nothing about this possible excursion. We have been waiting for a response from SS but we have found their follow up to be lacking. Can anyone shed some light for me........hate to miss out!!!!
  11. Thanks heaps Turtle. I just looked up the The Four Seasons and yes! they are a very different hotels. I must say I was disappointed at Four Points for the start of a cruise of the quality of T of T. IU will ask for clarification. C U soon.
  12. Turtle and 2, have a great Christmas. Those SCC's are scary. Glad you found it now. Can't wait to see the James Bond scar. Safe travels and have a great Christmas. PS Tell #2 to bring his scalpel and stitches as I may have another small SCC to go.
  13. Thanks Turtle. I zapped an email off to him at about 6am. We are new to Cruise Critic but can see why it has such a big membership. This group has been very helpful. Thanks!
  14. We haven't even heard a Whisper about this event yet, let alone transport!
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