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  1. Yes. Restaurants often try to negate the VETO member of a group by offering a range of options. The vegetarian option at a steak house, etc.
  2. Sail-GP reports on the lock down, and the Government's predicament https://www.sail-world.com/news/236641/SailGP-Bermuda-goes-into-seven-day-lockdown
  3. Italy still has a considerable amount of Covid, doesn't it? As of a few days ago, all non-essential travel into the country was restricted.
  4. Some places on cruise itineraries are grittier than others. Colon is a very tough looking place, and security officers carried pretty impressive weapons. Panama City, on the Pacific Coast, looked like a very nice, modern city, with fine neighborhoods. Same country, different places. Guayaquil, Ecuador is another place that has its neighborhoods. Our hotel made it very clear to us that they would summon a car, and that car would wait for us at the crafts market, etc. They were very nice about it, but firm. Do not accept rides from what look like taxi services, etc.
  5. Colon is the terminus for trips on the popular Panama Canal Railroad tours. After our bus to the railroad had loaded, we were given "the talk". Don't leave the group, don't walk back to the ship following the rail trip, stay close, don't take pictures, etc. When we returned to the ship, the buses pulled inside a fenced area for drop off.
  6. Thanks. Still, that's almost three 737 / A320 aircraft Looking at the room inventory, it seems like the sell out is complete. One room in one class, among several cruises.
  7. It seems like the cruise lines are actively mining the hospitality schools of many nations to staff their ships. On our last (sigh) cruise, with Viking, we encountered staff members from Moldavia, South Sudan, FYRO Macedonia, Botswana, and other places uncommon on the cruises we've taken in the past. As well as the usual places of Philippines, Malaysia, Ukraine, Montenegro, etc. In conversations, they all shared dreams of going back to their home nations with a pot of gold to buy a bar, set up a business, run tour operations, etc.
  8. Jet Blue also has several flights to Bermuda from JFK in New York City, and from Logan in Boston. I wonder if Viking is contemplating the use of charter aircraft, as 900 passengers delivered directly to the airport could swamp the place. Bermuda would usually be an ideal place to play a few rounds of golf over a few days
  9. It would be interesting to know the turnover rate at Viking's reservations staff. I've worked with three people, and each was excellent.
  10. I like to walk around the rental car, and look inside before I drive it off the lot. Just in case. There will be a scratch, or scrape, especially as cars remain in the fleets a little longer than they used to. Never had a problem with pointing it out, getting a signature on the rental jacket noting the scrape. I like to take phone pictures of the four quadrants, just in case, but I've never had to use them. Prob 500 car rentals in the past few years (I used to travel a lot on business), and not a problem. Never buy the worthless warranties. I could probably buy a c
  11. Good suggestions, thanks for sharing them. The Turnpike can be a very stressful drive, that's for sure
  12. In fairness, people in Florida have been known to exceed speed limits from time to time. Sometimes by 30 mph or more. prudent enforcement of speed limits helps ensure domestic tranquility and reduce bloody wrecks. And produces a nice revenue stream for the town or county.
  13. The last time I saw a map of Covid-19 activity, Russia was doing OK, compared to its neighbors. Poland and Ukraine have significant outbreaks, the independent Baltic states have outbreaks. But, the political situation is still unsettled
  14. I get up to Lakeland regularly, and see radar somewhere on 441 and 60 on just about every trip. They may not like it, but they use it.
  15. How many states allow vaccinations for persons under 16? Florida recently began vaccinations for persons 16-17, with parental consent.
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