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  1. That doesn't make any sense. If you didn't book any cruise yet why would you have a booking# and cabin #? The information you state already implies you made a reservation, that's why there's a cabin # and booking #. You need to explain exactly what email you got. What you're describing is a confirmation for a new booking.
  2. There's already two other threads on this subject, among others.
  3. Stupid post and there's zero,zero,zero chance of any old ship coming back to either Royal or Celebrity. These kinds of threads make no sense at all if people take one moment and look at all the facts.
  4. There are NO single sex Steam rooms or Saunas within the Men's or Women's locker rooms.
  5. As you have probably read the IV is more akin to in Oceanview with a Large window that opens or a Sunroom with an open window than a traditional Balcony room. It depends on what you normally use the balcony space for. If you normally use it to sun on then the IV won't work for that purpose. If you enjoy getting fresh air and having great open views then it can work for you. Disregard the complaints about the ship controlling the window. It happens infrequently and only when they're about to wash the windows or there's inclement weather expected near term.
  6. I think you're just way too early. Have patience. There's no particular reason you need to schedule tours NOW.
  7. The guidelines include lots of the things I mentioned in my numerous posts for the last three months in which many posters poo-pooed for being overly negative. Tbh most the things I have written have turned out to be true. That's because I was a Business Analyst in my professional life and one of the things I did was to make recommendations for process improvements based on analyzing the DATA AND FACTS and presenting a plan of action.
  8. If you want the more active vibe as found on a Royal ship that's not what The Edge ships offer. I for one love the Edge precisely because it's a quieter, more modern vibe than either Royal or the other Celebrity Ships. The amenities that the Edge class brings to crusing are more inline with a land based resort hotel in South Beach Miami than a cruiseship.
  9. OT: FYI for you from my host at Harrah's. Of course this is right now and hopefully more things will become available. Due to recent events, there are lots of questions and concerns. I hope this helps answer some of your questions. There are no Valet service, Spa, Pool, or Gym. No Room Service and No Lounges will be opened. No Bars, Beverage Service, or Lounges inside the building. (Food and Beverage are only allowed to be consumed in rooms and/or outside) Bar Top Games available at X-Bar, Eden & Poker Bar. (No Beverage Service Permitted) AC Burger Seating outside on the Bay Walk, (behind the poker room.) or Takeout. Coastal Craft Seating outside on the Pool Deck Gordon Ramsay Seating outside on the Pool Deck **Reservations only** Happy Hour Outdoor pool bar for Sunset Happy Hour. Martorano's Takeout only. Pin-up Pizza Takeout only. Tazza Takeout only Starbucks Takeout only. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during these times.Take care and Stay Safe!
  10. Hopefully you'll be allowed inside dining by that point. Where are you staying? At present we have no plans to visit AC. Without Covid we would be there every week.
  11. Horizon Dec 26, Legend Mar 14, Magic Jan 23, Feb 27, Mardi Gras April 17, Radiance Dec 27, Jan 2, April 24
  12. December through April. 16 cruises. From, Galveston, Miami, port Canaveral, Baltimore,long Beach. 1 Mardi Gras (April 17th) edit: Tampa, NOLA
  13. Just because the ships are returning to Royal doesn't imply that the ships will be put into service. There's no chance that will happen. They will be sold for scrap.
  14. I have been on the Edge twice. Once on Late Fixed seating and once on Select. It's very difficult to get to try other Dining Rooms when you're on a set seating since it's based on availability. In fact on this cruise we were never able to try another Dining Room because the Dining Rooms besides our assigned one were always Full for Fixed Seating customers. On our second cruise on the Edge we were on Select and it wasn't a problem to schedule meals in all Dining Rooms at the time we wanted.
  15. Our offer is Free Bacony $500 FP, available to book June 30th.
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