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  1. It does not matter that the treat is two years old, the question is accurate: If someone is sailing with you in a different cabin they forced the whole party to purchase the same drink package to prevent sharing; The package must be booked by all guests occupying the same cabin, or travelling together and wishing to eat at the same table, including minors who must book the Child version of the package. Thats the policy MSC cruises have on the packages. There is no other way arround... ...And if you don't like that specific rules because they force you, there are plenty of cruiselines that have a other policy or make it easy for you to cheat, with MSC cruises you just can't.
  2. Thats not, the easy drink package for European sailings covers up to 6 euro.
  3. Don't be disappointed. The Meraviglia Lounge is smaller then the Haven Lounge but there is a lot of dancing in here. Do not forget to visit de Carrousel Lounge arround eleven at night, it will be open at some nights for dancing after the Cirque Shows. And last but not least... The Galleria Party's are filled with dancing. The Meraviglia is full of activities so just enjoy. As said before the Studio Lounge is a karaokebar but they also do trivia here as also in the Pub in combination with live music. The Sky lounge is 21+ and a more jazzy style lounge, with less dancing. To mention your question about the roomservice on a fantastica cabin: Only breakfast is free of charge and free of delivery. There is a menu on your cabin with more choises but on a additional fee.
  4. Thats correct, but the last vouchers where only sold for sailings in 2019. If you have leftover vouchers then they are worthless now. If you wanted to use leftover vouchers in the past; that was only possible on the same ship and same itinerary that you had sailed. On the vouchers was a sequence number that corresponded to that particular sailing. There was no way to use your leftover vouchers on other ships or/and itinerary.
  5. In 2019 MSC stopped selling drink vouchers in connection with the introduction of the new drink packages. The transition period from the old drink packages to the new drink packages was in 2019. The vouchers could still be used throughout 2019, provided that the sequence numbers on the vouchers corresponded to the itinerary. In 2020, only the new drink packages will be sold and accepted.
  6. Hello there, How does it work at the Atmosphere Ice Cream Bar? Is the (Soft) Ice Cream at the Atmosphere bar for free with a easy package?
  7. I forget, just to make clear: At this time there is fixed dinning for Bella and Fantastica guests. Only Aurea guests dine with the 'my choise' option and assigned to one MDR, in this case the Panorama restaurant.
  8. The flexi dining options, as above (any time dinning) are old style. They did not work on the ships because they have several MDR, you was assigned to one restaurant on the time you like, but the guests did try al the MDR (they are the same menu, but lets give it try) guests did not clearly know how it works and the lines where huge. Well, i can tell it was a mess! So six monts after the release they sticked with the traditional early or late seating. And it is working, why change something that is good: Its like said before. You are assigned for late dinning. Early is somewhere between 17:00 - 19:00 and late somewhere between 20:00 - 22:00. The exact time and restaurant is on your cruisercard. It will be fixed so do not run late of your timeslot. There are several MDR on the Meraviglia, if you like to make a change (once) you can do that once on the ship and contact the Maitre'd. You can find him/her in the MDR you are assigned with in the late afternoon of embarkation day. In off season they make a change for sure. On high season it will be much harder because the ship will be fully booked most of the time. You can give it a try anyway. Good luck!
  9. Maybe it is a glitch indeed. I am not happy with the increased price so i booked my package in advance last month. On the other hand, it is just $15 of increase on the whole package for a 7 night cruise and not on a daily base. I think it was espected that this happend because the prices where to good to be true comparing to other cruiselines.
  10. I'd like to note that the annoucement was made on the European website(s). Perhaps this price raise will only set for the European market. I don't no for sure if they raise for the US but it look like it now the packages are not availible in the US.
  11. The prices of all the drink packages are going up $15 in 2020. MSC had made a announcement of that earlier this year and said that you can avoid the new prices by book your package in advance before 2020. Maybe thats the reason why the packages are not availible at this moment due the new pricing is not set online.
  12. ok. If i see the prices of 2019/2020 in the link below, there is practiclly nothing under 6 anymore; https://www.kreuzfahrten-treff.de/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=19197 no wines, no spirits! 😑
  13. If i look to this bar menu it looks like there is not so much included for the easy package at the British Pub. Not one of the spirits hits under the 6,- euro mark but there is wiskey included on the easy package. Also no wines or soft drinks on the menu... How does this works for this bar?
  14. Thats nice to hear! I can't wait to embark!
  15. Here it is: I asked about the British Pub drinks with the easy package because i tought that they only had speciality beers. But if i can also order draught Heineken or other (alcoholic)drinks on the easy package, it will be a nice place to fill the evenings!
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