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  1. Nice We always rent from Hertz in Divi hotel cheaper than most w insurance, gps, cell phone. Always arrange a pick up and drop off even if not scheduled during regular business hours. Chris there is awesome! Most car rentals I inquired with work around cruise ship schedule just like Hertz in Divi.
  2. Hi. Does anyone have any suggestions for a tour in Bonaire for someone in a wheelchair? Thank you.
  3. K- (TravelBug2A) just ignore this controlling person... She/he/it was out of line.. Others have had issues with this person. You are so full of knowledge when it comes to RC especially when traveling with a disabled person one that is confined to a w/c. You have thoroughly helped me so many times and come through for me. Just don't pay any attention to her/him/it - reallyitsmema. By the way, I will be calling you tomorrow as we need HELP on our next cruise.. 🙂 Glad to see you back on here - hope you stay as you are a valuable resource and can help so many others.. 🙂
  4. Yep, I totally agree... Everyone needs to be able to use them if they so wish.
  5. You are the best! Thank you so much!! I can't wait for our cruise.. Glad you guys had a good time... If you don't mind me asking, what ports did you go to? Thank you again..
  6. Thank you so much for the video.. I really appreciate it and its nice to see what we will have... I apologize for such a late response, but I never received a notification of your post until this morning. Again, thank you
  7. For whatever reason, the photo is not showing.. Thank you though.. :)
  8. Thank you... Opps I see I did already respond but thank you again 🙂...
  9. Hello, Has anyone stayed in cabin #6304 on Royal Caribbeans Adventure of the Seas? Anything we need to know. I am hoping my sons' wheelchair will fit on the balcony? Access department couldn't confirm so now I am worried as we always spend a lot of time out on the balcony but have yet to sail on RC. We are sailing out of Fort Lauderdale to Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba? Have tours set up for Bonaire and Curacao, but nothing yet for Aruba. Thank you all.. Happy Cruising...
  10. Hi. Has anyone ever use The Native Choice tour company in Costa Maya? We are considering it for when we are there but wanted to make sure they are trustworthy and reliable. So far the customer service has been excellent. Thank you so much.
  11. Hello, My daughter who is confined to a wheelchair and I are trying to figure out what to do in Costa Maya... We would like to go to Chacchoben Ruins and just read on a website that the grounds are dirt path and are wheelchair doable as long as they are not muddy. We are going in December so hopefully, they will be dry. We would like to do the ruins but also want to stroll through Mahahual Fishing Village as that sounds interesting. So my questions are: 1. Is Mahahual Fishing Village walking/strolling distance from the port? 2. Is the shuttle tram wheelchair accessible? That tour for scenic stops sounds interesting as well. 3. What kind of vehicles are the cabs as I was thinking we could take a cab to the ruins and then the fishing village and then walk back to port if doable? My daughters' wheelchair comes apart in two pieces so it fits better in a van or suv as there are only a few cars the pieces will fit in. She can sit on a seat. Thank you all so much...
  12. Hi, I took my daughter who is wheelchair bound on her first cruise via Disney. We are wanting to go on a second cruise and have been looking at a Western Caribbean cruise out of Galveston, TX for December 2019. We are looking at Carnival Freedom. Thoughts? We would be able to get a fully accessible cabin (unless its taken by the time I book). She is very sensitive to smoke fumes so I will have to be careful with keeping her away from that. All the ports on this itinerary are docking no tenders. Would love to hear others experiences with Carnival Freedom. Also, if you have any recommendations for wheelchair transportation or excursions at any of these ports, I would love to hear about them: Cozumel, Costa Maya, Mahogany Bay. Thank you all so much!
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