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  1. I just returned yesterday from my Symphony cruise. I took my electric 13 inch desk fan. Made my sleeping perfect, as I need the white noise and air movement to sleep. Here are the 2 responses from my inquiries to RCL prior to my cruise.
  2. I turn my phone off when we get to our cabin and it goes in the safe, doesn’t get turned on until the cruise is over. I tell my family if someone dies pack them in extra ice until I get home.
  3. Gold is the lowest, starting status. Yes they can board with you. There is no lounge for gold. It will just be general seating if you arrive before 10-10:30. Once they start boarding and have called all the top tier folks then you can board at your leisure.
  4. You could walk it, just beware of speeding cars, and taxis. There are some sidewalks. If you have a lot of luggage send the person renting and have them pick you up afterwards.
  5. Royal has so many discrepancies. I am sailing Symphony in a few weeks and my time for boarding is 2 pm and my husband’s is 1:30. Plus the key icon is right on it. Do they expect us to miss the Chops lunch in MDR. We will be there 10ish. I did call weeks ago to inquire about what “choice “ meant on my Set sail pass. Took 52 minutes and 7 employees and supervisors to finally figure it out. They had never seen this before. They thought it was that I did my flight thru RCL. It is my status in the casino. Go figure!
  6. Kind of confused...why would it be cheaper with the drink package and why is it listed like that? Even $12 for the drink it’s covered in the package. Now drinks served in special souvenir glasses are extra.
  7. Anything perishable should not be brought back to your cabin. They are not true refrigerators with the proper safe temperature. They are coolers and keep contents at temperatures in the upper 40’s/ 50’s. Food can spoil at those temps and cause problems.
  8. Take all your friends and family on the boardwalk Carousal. Everyone on an animal, set it up with the crew operator. Say your special words then ride. Someone can be taking photos or video of you. Then make your way up to your loft for drinks and appetizers. I just think out of the box!
  9. Called Royal, told me to have my TA contact them to put me back into 8D gty list or move me to another cabin, 6D or 8D. Nice that they waited 11 months to assign me my cabin. TA called all OVB sold out so I’m stuck with what they consider an upgrade. Did a Royal up for Suites but most likely won’t be accepted. Lesson learned...never do a Guarantee again!
  10. I booked a 8D oceanview balcony guarantee. Just got my stateroom and it is a 6D oceanview balcony Deck 14. Is this a lower category? I booked this knowing 8D is on decks 6, 7 or 8. Which I wanted. I did not want a high deck, plus it is under basketball court. This is the first time booking a guarantee.
  11. There is a $10 pp charge for your food, then yes you can get your milkshake with the DBP. Cheers!
  12. I have cruised out of Tampa many times. My cruise a few months ago it was so windy we could not leave until after midnight as it is a small channel and need to stay in the middle, sides are too shallow. Winter cruising with our early morning dense fog has created two of my cruises to be out at sea until 9am, then the 2 hours from the bridge to docking. Everyone that had flights before 1pm missed them.
  13. So I cruise a lot on RCCL, just checking to see whats new on my cruise planner for my December Symphony cruise. I tend to go all out, since it is a vacation. I booked the Key, Specialty dining, adult beverage pkg, etc. Back to the reason for this post. Why is Cococay cabanas so expensive. This is $500 more than my OV balcony cabin cost. I would take that money and donate with a chance of winning to the Casino. I realize they have to pay for this 200 million dollar upgrade somehow, just not getting it from me.
  14. I had a CP balcony deck 11 and found it to be hot, no air movement on the balcony. Same with the BW balcony. Now I only book OV balconies. Cheers!
  15. I took a regular 2 prong extension cord with me on both my RCCL cruises this year. Maybe it was because I coiled it and placed it inside my empty Tervis insulated cup.
  16. I am sailing Symphony December 2019 Booked a year in advance December 2018 Key was available when I booked for $19 so I purchased it along with Deluxe drink pkg. Royal site frequently has major glitches. Keep checking daily.
  17. Google Guido’s Cozumel for photos and menu. Menu prices can be converted to US $ on currency converter site.
  18. I have stayed in Cozumel for weeks at a time, the absolutely best restaurant is Guido’s. Italian cuisine, best lasagna ever, along with fantastic gourmet pizzas. Reasonably priced with indoor dining or a beautiful backyard patio. 8 blocks from downtown cruise ship pier. Open 11am-11pm I will be dining there soon on my Symphony cruise. Pancho’s Backyard is just 2 blocks further, good food also on a beautiful courtyard outdoor patio. Cheers!
  19. The ships position @ 11:44 am is due east of West Palm beach. Traveling @ 22.7 kn. Its unfortunate for those who need to be off, and those impacted in the delay of their upcoming cruise. I’m just happy that being retired, any delays are ok.
  20. This is why I have used an online travel agency for the last 12 yrs with zero problems and excellent customer service. If there is a price drop I just do screen shot and email to agent...done! Never understood why anyone uses RCCL directly, I always check Royal before booking and it’s always $200-1600 more than I book it for. My Upcoming Symphony cruise in December. I booked 8D ocean view balcony for $2100, RCCL $3700. Huge difference. Just saying.
  21. I drove to Miami a few days ago, from Naples via Alligator Alley. The lovebugs were horrible, had to stop and clean my windshield several times because of 85% clear splat coverage. None seen from 30 miles outside Miami/ Lauderdale areas. Hitting your windshield when your doing 80 sounds like small pebbles. I have a new car and it’s well waxed, so they came off easily. Annoying little horny buggers!
  22. I have cruised out of Ft Lauderdale and Miami 30+ cruises. 80% of them we were able to self disembark by 7am. The rest were little later due to non US residents that they had issues with or other problems. Flying out of Miami is the worst, always a cluster, especially when you have to check luggage. We would alway do rolling carry ons only. I know how you feel about booking early flight home, as we had to do that before we moved to SW Florida. Never could sleep on the last night knowing we would have to be up with an alarm at like 4:30 am. What a cruise buzz kill! 😬 Just go for it...everything should work out!
  23. I bought postcards last year in Havana Cuba on our cruise and mailed them from there. Took 3 months for my friends in Jersey to get them. Did the same in Cozumel, took almost 3 months also to get to the US.
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