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  1. Just a note, when we traveled from Seward to Anchorage last Saturday, we were on a bus for 35-40 minutes because the train couldn't pass the river. It was no big deal as they arrange everything for you. Have fun!
  2. You're not alone! I have PTSD every time I hear the name Simon.
  3. We did Norwegian and Celebrity for Alaska and Norwegian was terrible! Their cruise director was loud and always hawking things to buy and on the PA all hours. I hated it. Never again.
  4. We hiked Deer Mountain.
  5. I have an 11 yo who will be cruising with us, and I plan on letting the kiddo choose own activities on the ship. What's the best way to keep in touch?
  6. Has anyone rented a car in Juneau before? For the four of us the shuttle will cost more than the car rental! Is there an extra expense I'm not considering?
  7. They were fine. On one leg there were no charging stations so just be prepared for older airplanes.
  8. jlatels


    Is there a DVD library onboard or did you bring your own? We're staying in a Sky Suite on the Millennium.
  9. How cold was it? We're doing the same trip in a couple of weeks.
  10. I see it on my confirmation, I'm talking about when I goto "Manage My Reservations"
  11. For those of you booked on a suite on Celebrity, do all four of your perks show? I'm looking at my account and all I see is the prepaid gratuity.
  12. I thought that Celebrity only offered a la carte, no bag offers?
  13. Thank you, I should've been more clear. This is helpful.
  14. Is laundry offered as part of the Sky Suite? Asking so I'd know what to pack LOL.
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