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  1. Greg901

    125% FCC

    Does anyone if the 125% FCC is on the drink packages and excursions. We sail May 24 and haven’t purchased a drink package but are planning it will purchase now if will get 125 back.
  2. I second king David we had a great tour with him. He was involved with everyone in our group ages 15 to 80.
  3. We just took our 1st cruise in june on the Conquest had a great time thanks to all the tip on the carnival board. we liked the size of the ship never felt overly crowded, food in MDR was above average we like most of the shows. staff was friendly but nothing special. We are now hooked so looking to book a 7 night May 2020 cruise and looking at another carnival on the Breeze or Horizon, or MSC seaside. MSC is about $200 cheaper but looking for pros and cons of each. also open to any other suggestions Thanks
  4. Carnival website say that this event fills up fast so get there early. How early should we plan on showing up, and is it worth it? thanks
  5. Has anyone every drop off their carry on luggage at the room when they board the ship and just leave it hallway till the room is ready it would be just one small bag with clothes. Don’t they just leave your checked luggage in the hallway till you go back and get it? Would this be allowed? Would it be in the way housekeeping trying to get the room ready? Just thought this might be a possibility instead of carrying it around. Thanks
  6. Anyone have current fun times for the 7 day western Caribbean on the conquests that they could share. I need Tuesday and Thursday. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the quick response everyone. We are on carnival and the ports are grand Cayman, mahogany bay, in Belize we going to Altun ha and wanted to bring bottle water or our water bottles this help a lot. So we should be good.
  8. Can I bring my water bottle from home off the ship at ports?
  9. Good now we can focus on the bigger butter issue
  10. Thanks for the reply. Do they sell out fast. should I buy before we cruise or can we wait and get it while we are on board and use are OBC. Also if we get 2 will they be next to each other if we ask.
  11. If we purchase the RELAX ON THE BEACH PLUS KAYAK PACKAGE on Mahogany bay it said it is for two people but could we let others in our group use the kayak and floats. And rotate people into the chairs. I know only the two can use the chair lifts. Thanks
  12. Anyone know anything about LEIGH XUEREB he's on the Conquest 5/25 and we sail with him the 6/14
  13. Thanks for posting the movies. I have a question about the schedule do they show all the movies on a 7 day cruise or just a few over and over.
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