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  1. I'm booked on Lufthansa thru United and I contacted Lufthansa to select my seat.
  2. The poster might be old. My in laws don't have precheck but they always get it and we think it's because of their age.
  3. My husband did tell me something about how we need to learn to teleport. No update on if he's figured it out.
  4. We would have seen a small drop in our fare but that and the other assorted things weren't enough to convince my husband to drop Sip and Sail. It seems he values not having to pay for individual drinks and feeling like he's being nickle and dimed over saving money.
  5. You don't want to have to take a cash advance on your credit card. You'll incur a huge fee and the finance charges start from the day you pull the cash regardless of if you pay in full every month.
  6. We did this for our cruise next year and managed to snag business class for what we would have spent for economy directly from the airline.
  7. We have 3 pieces from them. Not because we were interested in investing in art but just because they were pretty pictures and we had available wall space.
  8. Park West may have finally stopped calling, texting and emailing me inviting me to artist weekends after I blasted them several times after I read the article. Haven't had any contact with them in a couple of months. Will still drink their free sparkling wine but I won't be buying anything.
  9. Not a problem. My son got his first passport when he was 6 weeks old so until he was 5 he had an infant picture.
  10. Anyone know what 3 people in a balcony on a 11 night cruise would get in OBC? This might be the sale that makes us give up Sip and Sail.
  11. What's wrong with aft? I actually specifically book aft facing balconies. I'm booked on Baja which has a bigger balcony. Also has a loveseat. Regular and deluxe balconies don't have the loveseat.
  12. I'm paying $299pp including restaurant lunches for a private 2 day tour. The place that gives you a 50% discount wanted more plus was going to charge extra for lunches.
  13. We are doing a Baltic next summer and I'm trying to decide what night to book specialty dining for.
  14. You can put a cruise on hold for a couple of days and check EZ Air that way.
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