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  1. That is too bad. Most here are open with varying restrictions. We currently allow up to 3 patrons at a time. Staff and all patrons must wear masks. If a patron cannot or will not wear a mask we will happily provide them with curbside service. We have two computers available for use by appointment, adults only.
  2. That is true, many libraries are closed. Some that are closed are offering access, by appointment, for computer access though. Of the 29 in our system, only two have no access at all, only curbside service.
  3. If anyone knows of someone who is in this situation, please direct them to the nearest library. Virtually every library in the country has computers for public use and staff willing to help.
  4. OMG, no one should ever do that! Their saliva is highly venomous and there is no antivenom for it. That's beside the fact that all wild animals should be left alone. Observe, don't interact! 😣
  5. Do you not have credit card records for the first cruise? Emails from subsequent bookings? Working with a TA? I would not depend on any company to keep track of what they owe me!
  6. That one island we have yet to visit, it looks lovely!
  7. We also receive a casino discount (a set percentage off the fare). We are given that discount when we book with a TA because that offer is attached to our account. It doesn't matter who we book with, so the cruise price will be the same. The difference is that the TA will also give us an onboard credit equal to a percentage of the cruise fare paid. You will not get that booking directly with a cruise line. I have never been able to take advantage of a casino offer where the cabin is free or greatly discounted, so I am not sure the same would apply in that situation.
  8. It was a wonderful introduction to the South Pacific. My friends who were traveling with us had never snorkeled before and this was a great place to start. A calm, beautiful lagoon let them get comfortable with their equipment. And we had a nice walk in town afterwards.
  9. We will be in Sydney for several days before our cruise in 2022 (🤞🤞🤞). We would like to do an overnight, using the train, to the Blue Mountains. Is it possible that any of the hotels would store our luggage for the day and night we would be gone? We would stay with them the other 3 or 4 nights. We've done this in Italy when we stayed in a B&B but I'm not sure that it is a normal service hotels offer. I would prefer not to have to take all of our luggage with us for a one night trip. Thanks for any input!
  10. That link states that the priority list will be updated as they move through the process with the current groups listed.
  11. That doesn't appear to be correct https://www.bbc.com/news/health-55274833 What is the plan? The government aims to offer vaccines to 15 million people - the over-70s, healthcare workers and those required to shield - by mid-February and millions more by spring. By autumn, the rest of the adult population, another 21 million people, will be offered a vaccine. The speedy rollout of the vaccine to vulnerable people is seen as critical to reducing the pandemic's death toll and relieving pressure on the NHS.
  12. Oceania had great lectures on our Easter Island/South Pacific cruise. Always one in the morning and several times 2 in the afternoon. But there were also many sea days on this cruise. 5 to start the cruise before we arrived at Easter Island. 2 of of speakers were location focused. The other I want to say was cyber security related topics. On cruises that are port intensive, our Med. cruise had 18 ports in 21 days, they were offered on HAL but we took those days to relax. But the speakers in Alaska were very good.
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