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  1. Yes it is the answer to what I was asking and the ole saying goes, 'never hurts to ask'. Years ago Ringo Starr and Peter Sellers made a movie called The Magic Christian where inferred anyone can be bought off. Or in this case, get a MDR meal. my pockets are that deep and wife nor I ever feared going hungry on past two cruises. More concerned about gaining to many pounds 🦑 🐷 🌕 { Full Moon }
  2. Thanks again to all for advice. Ive posted various threads this thread got helpful replyus. Thanks again to all.♥️ > 🍀 > 🥂 > 🚢
  3. Thanks, weve covered all of these angles in previous reply posts. Thanks. I think I am now clear on my options. Will have to wait and see what new options are available with new eateries, as I stated previously, Thanks again to all who responded. Its all good
  4. And so goes my more limited memory abilities 🙈 I remmember no evil food monkey :--)
  5. Right,good idea but I dont have cell phone. Wife does so that sounds like a good idea. I was also reading about award winning app called 'Ship Mate' but it appears to be for more regular type of crusiers. Every time we go we always have said, this will probably our only time ever or last time ever. Mobile was NOT availible 1st time so NOrleans{ Elation } initial cruise. Very cool! Then Fascination{ Bahamas/Nassau beautiful } keywest{ I would have skipped } out of Jacksonville, and then Carnival came back to Mobile and the price just barely fit within our budget --not really tho--- and this will most likely be our last time Sad :--(.....☹️.......)--: I love crusing and do not like flying. Every time I flew someone else paid for it and I always felt like I had no business being 30,000 ft in the air.
  6. Yeah, I dont think take-out from Celebration or Jubiliee is a good option if at all. Tuna-melt or possible good fish at LIDO buffet appear to be best options, but there is a couple of new eateries ---Bluge Iguanna and Guys Burger Joint--- Its all good, whatever options are availible. Just looking to keep wife satisfied in case she is too tired 1st night or any night.
  7. Yeah, that "tv menus" that does spur a memory. But, is the LIDO buffet open at dinner time also? I seem to recall it closed some of the time, and/or has much less variety of foods, depending{?}. Funny how I dont recall any good fish there. I know we did eat at DINING room{s} every night on both cruises, except for one night I was a little tired and sickish.
  8. H,mmm, I remmber Lido deck buffet and often got breakfest and/or lunch there, but dont recall salmon or tilapia there. Best I can recall, is if they had fish it was catfish{ ugh }. Not a catfish fan.
  9. Oh yeah, now that you mention that I think I recall seeing that some years back on Elation and Fascination. Thanks Right, cant afford room service but you also have spurred my memory of a menu they give in stateroom of free sandwiches they offer as room service. Ex tuna melt. Just trying to think of place to get a good fish{ tilapa salmon etc } to take back to room if my wife is too tired to go to dinning room first night, or any night. Thanks for your reply
  10. Ok, I think I did that also in two places, thanks.
  11. Once on board carnival fantasy, 1} where can I get dinning room menu other than dinning room, 2} can I get dinning room dinner 🐟 TO GO, back to my cabin ♥️?
  12. Wondering, once on board Carnival Fantasy 1} where can I get dinning 🦑 room menu, other than in dinning room, 2} can I get a dinning room dinner 🐟, to go i.e. to take back to cabin ♥️?
  13. Progreso is about 20 miles{ 27 minutes } from the center { Chicxulub Yucatan } of the largest visible meteor/asteroid impact on Earth. 65 million years ago the meteor/asteroid killed off dinosaurs and created most of the cenotes in Yucatcan, some of which are part of near perfect ring/circle shape in Western Yucatan. Just Google Expdedition to Chicxulib Impact Crater to see images and more info.
  14. I lived in Paducah Kentucky late 50's and again 1970's near Liberty{ Green River }. Apparrently Progreso is near the center of metero impact crater from 65 million years ago. The one that wiped out the dinosaurs. Most of the cenotes ---partial perfect ring of them--- were created by that meteor impact.
  15. Yeah, ive know for 12 years the ecological concerns of cruiseing. I feel guilty yes, but I still keeping going on theseinexpensive cruises that, I cant really validate the expense. I work hard for my money, just not much money and not much saved. Trying to raise money so wife and I could go on Carnival Sunrise next Feb. to Havanna and Nassau. Guilty as charged.
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