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  1. Torguard worked well while NordVPN was blocked. This may have changed since I cruised in January. I will check again on my next cruise and report back.
  2. Yes my laptop (not cheap in any case) probably has a good network card but it probably doesn't matter much since all the devices you will be connecting are in your room and are max 20 feet away. Any card should be able to do that.
  3. Nope, I just connected my Windows 10 laptop and turned on the Mobile Hotspot on it (it's the button next to airplane mode in network settings in the tray). I didn't even open the box on the travel router.
  4. I just tried calling my wife sitting here next to me while she is on AT&T network and I am through wifi and it worked fine. The two previous calls did not work well (AT&T Cellular and Verizon wifi), Maybe it might have been a dead spot in the ocean.
  5. Hi, Currently on the Independence of the Seas and need to stay connected to the kids and work (unfortunately). Here is my experience so far: Paid for one connection but am sharing it with 5 devices (iPhone, MacBook, Samsung Tab, S9, and Windows laptop). I can return the TP-Link AC750 Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Router (TL-WR902AC) to Amazon. VPNs are blocked overall (NordVPN, mine of choice) in fact any web pages that mention VPN are blocked also Even when using "obfuscated mode" to circumvent blocking they still blocked NordVPN Using another VPN from a well-known network is working fine ( I can mention the name if needed after we get off the boat) Windows 10 hotspot does work well except it likes to timeout when no clients are connected It seems there is no way to disable the timeout only to lengthen it Verizon wifi calling is terrible with the S9 even with changing the network settings to prefer wifi it still wanted to use cellular putting the phone in airplane mode and then turning on wifi gave me the dreaded "Unable to make calls in Airplane mode. To allow calls, Airplane mode will be turned off." a reboot of the phone and turning off and on the wifi (on the phone) enabled it to be able to make calls even with wifi on some calls don't go through and I have reboot the S9 again like I'm using Windows 3.1 - iPhone wifi calling is also terrible in this setup Lastly the call quality was like before Sprint made the pin drop in 87 (horrible) with intermittent dropouts, i.e. people not hearing me. This is with both the Verizon S9 and the AT&T iPhone. Next test is to try Whatsapp and Viber to see if they can do any better in this setup. My connection speeds are 2M down/ 1.25M up consistently. (I am toying with the idea of purchasing a second connection to get 4M down) This post is to help people like me that need to be able to work on the cruise and harass their landlubber kids but want to save the Wifi charges for the suite charge or drink package instead. Ask me anything!
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