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  1. Hi again We've heard that pick pockets are rife in the areas that we will be cruising on the Koningsdam. Any suggestions of personal safety and prevention would be appreciated. TIA
  2. Thanks Kerryincork, does help us, much appreciated.
  3. Good point as we are looking at disembarking at each port.
  4. Thanks again, what currency or denomination are quoted in the prices i.e. US $, AUD $, Euros?
  5. Thanks, we have the gratuities covered. Just doing the sums on whether a package is for us or not.
  6. Hi all, I think that we are now on track and have gratuities sorted. Just looking for peoples thoughts on the drinks packages i.e. are they worth it, what are the average costs of drinks? We are looking at the middle package around $50 per person per night, so want ideas on what the drinks actually cost to help calculate value for money or not. Any assistance, comments or ideas would be great fully appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. I think that we have it now, if we take and pay for for a drinks package the package pays for any gratuities so we are not slugged with a 15% charge on our room bill. Thanks
  8. Thanks for this information but I wanted to make 100% sure that we do not have to an additional 15% on top of the beverage package price the package details state "A gratuity of 15% will be added to the purchase price. You will not have to pay additional gratuities unless you desire to do so". To my thinking, no, we do not have to pay the additional 15% gratuity as it is covered by our initial payment for the beverage package. So if we purchase the beverage package for $49.50, we will not have to pay 15% of what we actually consume i.e. 5 drinks at $7.00 is $35.00 (gratuities would have been $5.25 extra). Just want to be clear on this as we don't pay gratuities in Australia.
  9. Being our first cruise we haven't the foggiest idea on what we should or should not do with the drinks packages yes or no? Does the signature package on HAL Koningsdam cover the extra 15% service fee when ordering drinks. We understand that there is a $14.50 services levee charged per person per night, so we need to pay the additional 15% charge on top of this and if so is it covered in the drinks package?
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