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  1. Any favorites near penn station? maybe I’ll go back to taking train from boston
  2. We are going on bliss Sunday 2/16. I was going to fly in that morning but then got some advice to use the trains. This still makes me nervous day of because the threat of snow. So plan b is to fly into lga the day before stay some close to get back to airport next day. so any close hotels you recommend and where do I find the ncl transfer rep on sail day? thanks so much in advance
  3. Thanks so much for reporting back! We are doing NCL and it says starts at 1. I’m hoping we leave at 12 but who knows. My son is a big disney nut so we are probably doing this excursion but 4 Park tickets will cost $500 so I just want to make sure we get more than 3-4 hours i really appreciate you reporting back!
  4. the $773 was for 4 seats I should look if there’s a Black Friday sale hope everyone enjoyed their meal yesterday
  5. I saw in another review that ncl has an airport luggage service Is that offered on the bliss?
  6. I don’t want you to ever get off your cruise I’m loving your report! by any chance do you have any pictures of dinner food you ordered in the mdr? enjoy the rest of Your trip
  7. what is ncl affiliate? Also going back to Newark airport thanks
  8. Am I doing something wrong?acela was really expensive north East regional was cheap
  9. I never thought of it. I’ll look into it thanks!
  10. Thanks everyone I can get a 740am from Boston be there in a hour. It’s my parents Big anniversary party the day before So have to be around. I bought insurance but definitely don’t want to use it but if a few days out if it looks like weather can play any role I’ll leave earlier first time on a big ship like the bliss
  11. Sunday in February on the bliss we were going to drive but if the weather is lousy thinking it’s better to fly and get a car service should I be looking at jfk instead? thanks for any suggestions
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