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  1. They did sent out a press release about the winter program - amazingly still with one ship down in Antarctica 😲
  2. It can be done, a couple did just that on my Antarctica cruise last year.
  3. They are still planning the Antarctica season 😬 And it seems they either stopped offering some of the french only cruises or they aren‘t allowed anymore with the new daily high cases in France
  4. schnapperin

    Le Boreal News

    The big difference between Hurtigruten & Ponant is the Request for a negativ Covid19 test. And I do think that this trip includes a charter flight from and to Paris.
  5. More people from the US to arrive in FP - lets see if they change protocol (quarantine until the 4 day test comes back for example)
  6. Guess from now on passengers will need to show the second negative test results before allowing to board - an American passenger apparently had a negative test result when entering but was positive after the required 4 day test.
  7. I don’t think oversea travel are a target at the moment - we will see how it progress on the next weeks and months. airports here over the test with results after 3-5 hours, so that would be possible before departing around Europe
  8. Should pick up when France is on summer break in August. But I wonder if the Covid19 test is keeping people from booking, 48 hours before embarking & travel to port seems a logistic nightmare.
  9. schnapperin


    You need an negative test to be allowed into Iceland. if you test positive its a two week quarantine period in a hotel, you are not allowed to leave it. And yes Iceland is currently only allowing travel from the EU and certain countries, but thats the personal risk if one can‘t reach the port of embarking because of travel restrictions or warnings not even a travel insurance will be covering it (lessons we all learned the last few months) PS: Not only has the EU open its border to just 15 countries- the US started it first 😉
  10. schnapperin


    Since Iceland is open for tourism there is a high chance the cruise will go on. A colleague of mine is starting a group tour around Iceland next week, negative Cocid19 Test on arrival. Ponant has updated the information for the Iceland cruises to include the negative mandatorily Iceland Covid19 test aswell.
  11. And I can understand your feelings towards Ponant. Personal I think their offer (honoring the contract, two options with FCC etc) was a good one, apart of fact that the didn‘t mention the „missing“ deposit until now. They could and should have made it clear when they took over the booking that the agent never passed the deposit along, but would honor the booking but couldn‘t refund the never recived deposit. Communication isn‘t best with them
  12. Why shouldn‘t the Australia cruise not get along? If the Australian gov allows small ship cruises they could have all the crew on bord before arriving and quarantine 2 weeks aswell before. it might not be possible for non australian to embark, but just like the french cruises it could be a good offer for australians.
  13. Which cruise are you book at? There is still a possibility that it might not go ahead - at least around Europe there are ongoing talks with ports and countries what kind of cruises they will allowed and if when they will open up. If the cruise will go ahead and you can‘t reach the embarkation port - which you are responsible for- then it’s legally your fault. if might be differently if you booked a flight arrangements with Ponant. I‘m currently in the same shoes - we have a travel warning for Turkey and quarantine restrictions, so because of legal reasons (work related id travel under those conditions even for a private trip) I won‘t be able to go. flight & Hotel booked separate and fully paid- I can‘t ask for a refund or a travel insurance since that case is 100% not covered.
  14. Sadly its not the company’s fault if travel restrictions are in place and prevent customers to travel to the embarkation port. Not even a travel insurance would pay in that case (thats at least the case in Germany, since we still have also travel warnings for most countries outside of the EU in place)
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