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  1. On Harmony free for Junior Suites also. Will be blue and laying on the bed.
  2. You can check in with the app but they still recommend you printing a hard copy of Boarding pass. If you check in on app and add picture they scan you when you walk into terminal and you are good to go by passing counter . Also on many now such as Harmony last week leaving you hold up your passports and look into screen and facial recognition is done and your out the terminal door.
  3. Just wondering how you are sure you are going to get deck 4? They do main on 4 & 5 also.I have never seen assignments to deck level for dinning in advance
  4. We started in 1991. One every year or so. Well we leave on cruise 72 next week and have 8 booked in the next 14 months. It will get to be and addiction . Have fun on your cruises. Bob & Nancy The Villages, Florida
  5. Hi Cruiser. I had my my time for Harmony 8-25- & 9-29 do the same thing . Showed up at your leisure when posted in three other places and comfimation at correct time. Just a computer problem. Shows up on Royal appt at correct time.
  6. Hi cruiser.. I cruised carnival many times years ago in the time frame of the ships you are looking at. I know the new ships are real pricey and Oasis class is a little also but I would suggest that you look at the Voyager class or Freedom class if possible to get a lot more of the new concept of Royal. Ice skating etc. The Vision is a 1998 year ship and she is a little tired. Same year class as the elation on carnival. Bob
  7. This year we were in a grand and had nice breakfast at chops daily but no lunch. Bob
  8. Hi John. We will be getting on Harmony when you get off on the 25th. Will return for another on Sept 29th. Looks like you are going to make out on the Parking with that 3 btb Mariner. Have a nice trip. Bob
  9. Hi Cruisers: Have seen post where they are changing Silver ( mini Suite on non Oasis Class) to reg cards. Have notice the small print on some ships for Diamond + cat also. Are the Blue & Gold still on Oasis Class? Thanks in Advance
  10. The Radiance class, 90,000 tons is the largest that will clear the Skyway. Tampa is also subject to Fog that has delayed many departures and arrivals as they have to travel Tampa Bay. They do have great parking at Tampa( love the valet ).
  11. Hi Cruisers. We have sailed this class many times and have sailed in 9638,9338,9434 and three are four in the forward areas. Only thing about 9264 the supports from the whirlpool on deck 11 extend down through deck ten & nine and are over the two cabins next door 9260,9262. These regular outside rooms have amber glass have larger balconies on a mini hump and block some view. cabin 9638 is great. We are booked again in it in Feb, April and Nov.2020. Hump great location for Dinning,Ice show, access
  12. We are on Harmony Aug. 25th and Sept 29. My time reservations made for each. They are not showing My time available still until 630 and still in American Icon. Early at 500pm and seating at Silk ,grande and Icon. Door closes now at 530. Will seat 630 my time in icon as early seating clears. Glad I made reservations at 700 and 730 as all main should be clear. SEE POST #13. I have read on our two cruise meet & greet that some people that had 600pm,615pm etc My Time have been moved to early seating. What a Cluster.
  13. This is our rainny season in Florida and right now we have two tropical systems heading in our general direction. I would not like to park on that surface lot and leave my car for a week. The ship if something happens deverts route, ports, arrival times returning but if the water comes your vehicle might be in flooding area. We just had several hundred cars flooded in Sea world parking lot during heavy rainfall. Give me the second or third level garage for Port Canaveral. Fort Lauderdale never had any problems with off site parking in Park & Go lot because of height and distance from water. Have a good cruise and do whatever works for you. Park 'N Cruise Port Canaveral September 12, 2017 · POST HURRICANE IRMA UPDATE: Prior to Hurricane Irma, the Park n Cruise staff continuously prepped our facility for the worst case scenario; which was a predicted direct hit. Throughout the day and night of the storm our staff periodically visited the lot to assess the performance of our facility as well as the condition of our customers vehicles. Our last visual inspection, during the storm around 9pm, showed that our facility was handling the storm without issue. Moreover; the wellbeing of all customer vehicles at this time was proof positive that our pre-storm preparations were worthwhile. Upon returning to our facility the following morning, we discovered Park N Cruise had been struck by a powerful tornado some time after our last inspection. The force of this tornado resulted in the complete loss of our Park N Cruise home. Additionally, the majority of our customers vehicles received some level of damage. Most of the damage to vehicles included shattered windows and body damage. However; there are about a dozen vehicles that are assumed to be a complete loss. This feeling of complete loss is only equaled by our feeling of helplessness in our ability to prevent ANY damage to our customers vehicles. Regardless, of the fact that our business and facility is a complete loss, our families remained safe throughout the storm…And for that we are thankful beyond measure. Park N Cruise is in direct contact with the Port Canaveral Port Authority and WILL be there tomorrow to pick up and transport all customers back to their vehicle. +5 824824 509 Comments713 Shares
  14. Just checked Park port canaveral. Pay today was 10.95 and now they charge that 8th day. came out to $87.60 5.00 entrance fee -------------------- 92.60 6.48 tax ___________ 99.08 total. Do you tip the driver either way? Last year doing storm when ships at sea had major wind and tidal flooding and damages to these lots. Think I will still stay with the second floor of the garage about 150 feet from the elevator for the $17.00 X 8 day =136.00 no tips. Do get me wrong do not have to use hotel and drive in. Also at port at Fort Lauderdale use Park & Go with 23 shuttles and just outside port and cost $8.95 and much cheaper than the terminal parking so sometimes works either way.
  15. On most Sundays the traffic near terminal 1 flow just fine with short delays for drops/parking. Occasionally, there are traffic issues between 11am and 1pm especially on rainy days and when there are issues with ship disembarking.. Your plan to arrive at 1030 is good and I bet you will experience very easy drop/parking at that time. Here is a picture of the terminal drop/park area - you enter on the right then come out on the left. You drop your bags with porters in front of the security entrance, then drive out and enter in the middle and drive up the ramp. Pay for your parking and find your spot. Take the elevators down back to the security entrance. And below is a clearer picture of the drop-off area with the security entrance doors. You will drive where the green arrow is. Porters are waiting for you in this area and they will place your luggage on the conveyor. Next time you see your bags they will be outside your state room! Edited April 4, 2017 by SteerageJoe Quote
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