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  1. When the Covid filled cruise ships debarked in South Fl. Protocols were observed. Rules were followed. Sadly, the 20, 30, etc. year olds were brought up to flout authority. No rules for them. Spring breakers, protesters, looters are to blame for most of this resurgence of the virus. Look at CA. Crazy. The states would have been ok if rules were followed. Ma is on track. So far, except for the looters n protesters, we follow the rules
  2. Wearing masks only slows the virus. And helps the elderly who are waiting for a vaccine. masks won’t Kill the disease
  3. My son was in Fl. Spring breakers were going to do whatever they wanted with no regard for anyone. screwed up my next cruise
  4. Florida ramped up it’s testing. So higher numbers. Prisons had asymptomatic positives. very high numbers, too. And my least favorite reason: the looters, criminals, and protestors. Hope none of them took it home to grandparents. Hurts the cruise industry for sure
  5. Damn. I just did a lift n shift. On Connie. Without a vaccine, I don’t see how many older people would go on a cruise. Fingers crossed for Connie. Love that ship Sailed on her 3 times in a row
  6. In Massachusetts we’re opening in phases. Seems to be working. most people wear masks. I shop for a relative who is petrified to go into a grocery store. We won’t go into a restaurant even when they reopen. I am tired of obeying the rules when all the protesting, rioting n looting will set us back. The World has gone crazy.
  7. I have a 11/21/2020 cruise booked. Wanted to lift n shift, but can’t get same cabin We have an FV booked. Won’t accept a verandah. Not the same at all. Dont understand why they won’t rebook us as there will be no revolution
  8. I’m from MA too Gov Baker is opening slowly; however my neighbors (2 of whom had Covid AND work in the medical field) are having parties. I was informed only family members. What a joke. 25 people a few nights ago, tonight at least 15. Tomorrow a zoo, . Only the grandparents live in the house. They are in their 60’s. No face masks or SD. We are beyond appalled and disgusted. Who do they think they are? We are obeying the rules, but what will that help with these idiots. I want my life back, just like everyone else. I know this is depressing.
  9. Yes as of Wednesday mandatory. Cities mandated earlier
  10. I live in a hotspot in MA. I cannot believe the numbers of people who refuse to wear masks. Total disregard for others. Supposedly mandatory on Wednesday. In the good weather neighbors think nothing of having parties. My sisters neighbor had a huge baby shower yesterday. This quarantine is a joke IMO. After all it’s only the elderly who will die. (Sarcasm here)
  11. This exactly what I said a week ago and they deleted me
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