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  1. Barrel chairs Tipping Food (e.g. lobster tail sizes, butter vs. olive oil, breadsticks going away, menu changes, quality "declining") The cruise line shifting their marketing/offerings to attract a "different" demographic Smoking Chair hogs Smuggling on alcohol Straws (or the lack thereof) Towel animals Sharing beverage packages Changes to the dining room schedule Kids on board
  2. If it does, you should be able to easily reschedule the specialty dining to a different night. 🙂
  3. It really depends on how many other people sign up. But DH and I have done it twice now and had no problem getting in. We did not have priority boarding. But we do get the port as early as we can. That said, both times I still waited until we got into our rooms (at about 1pm) to call the DINE line. So priority boarding wouldn't have made a difference in either case.
  4. Everyone’s different, and likes different things. My daughter is nearly 7, and still VERY much into stuffed animals. Quite a lot of her friends are too (especially the girls, but I know of several 7-8 year old boys that still have a few favorite stuffies). Kids at this age are still heavily imaginative, and most still believe in things like Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, etc. They also are often very enamored with characters from TV/movies, and boys and girls alike at this age will get excited about seeing a giant costumed character, and getting to interact or take a picture. Certainly, some kids will have outgrown it by this age too, and that’s perfectly normal as well.
  5. If you have a young child, why not? 🙂
  6. Do you know where on deck they serve the crab cakes and reindeer chili? Is it from the grill or the buffet? Do they have it on certain days?
  7. Just checked again and now I do see the breakfast with Stanley in the Cruise Personalizer, under the Specialty Dining tab. However when I try to book it for 2 adults and 1 child the "select a date" option is empty. Oddly, if I change it to one adult and one child, it says "no available date". I can't imagine it's sold out more than two months out. How many people really know about this?
  8. Your local restaurants like DO have noro outbreaks. However, people don't get sick while still in the restaurant, where they're all contained with each other, like on a cruise ship. So a bunch of people might get ill eating at Denny's on land, but they're going to suffer privately at home and nobody will be notified or taking reports of it such that it would be classified as an outbreak. Conversely, on cruise ships they are actually WAY more responsive to these things -- both in terms of higher reporting requirements, and in taking more thorough steps to control the outbreaks. Norovirus outbreaks are incredibly common at schools, hospitals, retirement homes, restaurants, and other heavily populated places on land. But if you pick up noro from there you likely won't know where it came from (unless you know of a bunch of other people getting it from the same place). Believing that cruises are somehow way worse than any of those other places is not warranted.
  9. We had looked at one of the aft balconies as well. We were also considering a mini suite (not Club Class though). The window suite popped up, and it was actually $1000 less than a Club Class Mini Suite, and almost the same price (within <$200) of the mini suite I was looking it. So I jumped on it. My husband gets motion sickness, so I'm hoping the low and somewhat mid-ship location will help with the first couple of days out of SF. Normally we wouldn't splurge on a suite, but I had $4300 in credit card points from our Princess Visa that we've been saving up for 9 years, and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to indulge. Do the menus they give you indicate what the special offering is in the Club Class MDR? Or do you have to go to find out?
  10. I read an article that one of the survivors is a retired cop, who once received the Medal of Valor for saving a woman’s life while on duty. And after this plane crashed, despite her own injuries, she swam out to rescue several of the people on board — many of whom had injuries that prevented them from swimming. Definition of a hero!
  11. We're in a Window Suite as well. We got F301 - the smallest one - though we're excited in any case! First time in a suite for us. How are you liking the room and the location? Are you doing the suite breakfast in Crown Grill?
  12. We’ve done 4 cruises on Princess and one on Disney. And while Disney was a great cruise in many ways, there were many other ways in which we felt Princess was MUCH better or at least equal. I had noted, when we booked it, that Princess had the same itinerary (with one extra day) for less than half the price. We decided to splurge anyway, since it was a bucket list item, and we wanted to take our daughter (who was almost 5 at the time). We don’t regret going at all. But, in the future we’d rather take the same vacation dollars and do a cruise on Princess AND take a trip to Disneyland the same year (we love Disneyland, and go once every year or two). I think it charges more because it has a somewhat unique product (due to being Disney), and it caters very strongly to families with young kids. And people will pay for it. If they didn’t, DCL would lower its prices. But, at the end of the day, it’s all about branding. You and your kids can have fun experiences on another cruise line too, for cheaper. But it’s not “Disney”, and for some people that matters a lot. It’s like people who will pay top dollar for a purse with some designer logo on it, but would never consider buying a purse that looked pretty much identical except without the logo. Brands are status symbols, and some people feel certain brands give them a certain experience or feeling, and they’re willing to pay for those luxuries. Disney is no exception.
  13. It’s so subjective! One person might think a particular cruise was “amazing” and someone on the same sailing might think it was “terrible”. Depends on their unique expectations, tolerance levels, general attitude, etc. So, while I’m someone that scours reviews before I try something new, I also do so with a HUGE grain of salt, and an eye towards looking at the bigger themes in light of my own personal attitudes. We’ve done 5 cruises, with our 6th coming up. We really enjoy cruising. It’s not “the best” way to travel. But no way is “the best” — at least not for everyone. We know people that cruised once and hated it. We’ve really enjoyed our experiences though, and keep coming back to it (with various other types of vacation experiences mixed in). For us, variety is the spice of life! But also for us, cruises are just “easy” and relaxing.There’s relatively little planning and work to do vs. some of our other vacations (e.g. camping, road trips, Disneyland, flying to a city/destination etc) — and while I love our other vacations too, sometimes cruising is perfect for what we’re looking for at the moment. We’ve had negative experiences on all of our cruises. But we’ve also had many wonderful ones on those same cruises! I love to write reviews, and will be very honest and thorough in them, pointing out the good and bad. Funny thing is, for the most part what I remember most are the good parts. Case in point, we’re doing another Alaska cruise this summer, after having done one 9 years ago. My memories of it are largely very positive. Yet I went back to find my old review and saw that I wrote about several negative things that I had since long forgotten about. I shared them because they might be of interest to others (especially if there was a lesson to be learned from it). But, really, I didn’t stay hung up on those negatives and obviously enjoyed it enough to want to spend the money doing it again! Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. Worry about what brings YOU joy, and then do it! Life’s too short for anything else.
  14. Interesting... just noticed that the “Alaska Cuisine” menu has the Hawaii desserts menu.
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