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  1. I easily pack three pairs of shoes myself. My hiking trainers and waterproof and warm boots for Alaska. I don't go anywhere with less than three pairs of shoes. Sandals and flip flops don't count πŸ™‚
  2. Hand carry the wine please. Don't put it in your checked in luggage. Expect corkage fee if you want to consume it out of your stateroom.
  3. Trip Advisor is a great place to find tour agencies. We have found couple that way and also recommendations from friends.
  4. We went to Mahogany Bay and didn't pay to use their chairs. We had few drinks and nacho chips from the restaurants behind us. They brought them to us, but I don't think it was expensive at all. Now if you eat seafood and stuff, that may be a bot pricey, but burgers and snacks are not.
  5. Spray on sunscreens seem to work the best, since lotions and creams will make your hair greasy too. Just make sure you get high SPF such as 50 or more and reapply when necessary. Stay away from scorching hot sun, please πŸ™‚
  6. We do Ginger pills, Ginger Ale, eat starchy food, crackers and such, green apples, aromatherapy drops, worst come worst we take a non-drowsy Dramamine. But so far all these things have worked for us.
  7. Was on Mahogany Bay in Roatan and used their chairs. We didn't have to pay for anything but drink if you wanted. The beach is amazing, we really enjoyed it. In Cozumel there are so many beaches and most are free. However, we went to a resort for the day, on a Swim with the Dolphin tour. But I am sure you will find a nice beach for free.
  8. Not many tour guides will wait outside the port as in the Caribbean ports. Usually, tours in Europe are pre-booked and your guide is waiting for you outside the port. However, there are cases in some ports, such as the Greek ports, Croatia or Montenegro and few others where you can hire a taxi for the day. But I recommend looking up a legitimate agency with knowledgeable guides. You will be there only once maybe, so you want to make the most of it!
  9. Name Address email Phone number Cute note SmileyπŸ™‚
  10. Depends where we are and what we want to do, really. Caribbean islands mostly we do tours on our own, or book them ashore as well as European tours since the ship ones tend to be more expensive and with large groups.
  11. Sailed on the Caribbean 3 weeks before dry dock from May to April. IT was super casual, there were so many activities around the ship, the shows were amazing and the new Fresh Market really delicious. After dry dock the whole deck at the back of the ship was turned into kids play zone and your 1 year old and you will have so much fun together! I am pretty sure there will be things to do for you and your parents. We really enjoyed the Caribbean. First time we were there was 2009, but so many things have changed until then and now we love the ship. Have fun!
  12. Yes, 9 o'clock for the US ports, but that depends how fast they clear out the previous cruise.
  13. I am so surprised when I see people leaving the toilets without washing their hands. I mean come on! Also, I pay so much attention to hygiene while on the ship, coz no one wants to get sick on their holiday. But, when i go in the buffet, after washing my hands and i see someone in the line licking their fingers or eating while they are choosing their food, I feel like punching them! They lick their fingers and then touch the tongs. People, please stop doing that!
  14. Enjoy your free cruise and be grateful πŸ™‚ Nothing we say will make you feel better about an inside cabin. It's all in your head. Have fun!
  15. Only if you are in a full suite you can. We tried, but we were only given the room service menu πŸ™‚
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