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  1. We just walked. It is so close and there is absolutely no point of the chairlift.
  2. We have done one night dining, one night buffet. We love the variety of food they have available both in the buffet and the restaurants. The buffet is faster and has more selection. So when we just don't feel like spending time in the restaurant we go for a quick bit upstairs.
  3. The last time we did the Med was on the Pacific Princess and she was there till just beginning of December. The weather was mostly sunny with some rainy days and some super sunny days. I have to admit I expected it was going to be colder but it really wasn't. I was fine with a light coat, ankle boots and scarfs and I am usually always cold. That was 3 years ago though. Now, I am not sure how it's like.
  4. There should be two formal nights for a 7 days cruise. Don't worry, everything may change by the time you get there.
  5. I don't think you can see the list of the songs before hand either. We also enjoy the Voice and karaoke..don't really participate but we go and watch other people sing and have so much fun!
  6. Exactly! They have been preparing Gluten free dishes for us to with such an ease, and they were undoubtedly delicious!
  7. I always bring a light sweater, coz it can get chilly in the venues. You won't be needing it for outside.
  8. If it's the Med or Baltic then July is way better. But I would suggest May for the Caribbean islands 🙂
  9. When you are worry free, and use all the time you have to simply enjoy. No dishes, no laundry, no cooking, no cleaning.....the list goes on.
  10. Haven't been to Zadar, but we went to Kotor and we didn't really need a tour guide. We were kind of familiar with the town and walking in the Old Town is just a minute away from where the ship is docked. Read my article on Kotor here for more detailed info 🙂 https://allcruiseports.com/day-in-kotor-montenegro-2/
  11. Hot stone therapy is really nice. I love the relaxation massages on board, they are such a great treat on a sea day. Foot massages work wonders too! Mmmmm bliss!
  12. Yeap, I have done it without a problem. Have it with your hand luggage instead of checked. The fridges have perfect temperature for such products.
  13. I wouldn't take my Bonine before bed time since it doesn't really help then. I go to sleep even without taking it. The problem is when I am up and the seas are rough during the day. No point taking it before bed time. I find that Bonine makes me less drowsy then Dramamine, but I will try all other natural remedies and tricks before taking the pills.
  14. Rain jacket, rain boots, binoculars, warm gloves or a hat, nice backpack, waterproof camera case...
  15. I haven't always been affected by the motion of the sea even though I can get nauseous on a swing in a kids park, or just a rocking chair. It sucks. However, when I do get nauseous while cruising, I have found that Ginger Ale helps, as well as some ginger root pills that I find at home. It's important to have a full belly and not to be hungry as it will make you more sick. I go for starchy food, like brad, tost, potatoes or pasta and stay away from liquids like soups, broths, coffee or alcohol. But, it's also important to stay hydrated. Water and Ginger ale will do the job. Green apples help too. Acupressure wrist bands and aromatic oil like menthol or eucalyptus also aid in relieving sea sickness. If the weather is really rough and none of this helps, I go for some Bonine or Dramamine. I go to sleep for few hours and wake up starving.
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