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  1. Yes, we walked to a random taxi driver out of the twenty taxi drivers that were parked outside, and we told him we want to go to the beach. We asked for a public one, but he said it's rocky, the facilities are not good, so many excuses...So we suffered because we didn't know where exactly to go? And that's how it all started...
  2. I have been to the Emerald beach and Honeymoon beach. I loved Honeymoon beach, because it felt like you have the beach for yourself the whole day. You first have to take taxi to the Water Island Ferries, take a ferry to Water Island and from there it's a 3 minutes ride with a van waiting for you. We did it on our own, couple of friends, and it was the best day at the beach so far.
  3. There are a lot of comments from people who have been on this tour under Amber Cove Dajanagua Falls post.
  4. Oh, I am sorry. We were just two, me and my husband and that was our splurging cruise. But I understand.
  5. We also used Anastasia for Stockholm, Berlin and St. Petersburg. We visited the Vasa museum in Stockholm, but I am sure they can accommodate the tour to your own desire, as they did for us in St.Petersburg. The ABBA museum must be fun too!
  6. None so far that I could find, but I got the info from someone who is there now.
  7. The CB is staying on wet dock for the whole month. They found a way to work on the propulsion issue even when on wet dock.
  8. The CB is actually on wet dock in Freeport, Bahamas. When work on the ship happens it's not fun for either the crew or the contractors. The A/C is on and off constantly, sometimes there is not even hot water, just luke warm, there is a lot of drilling noise, dust, and crew are engaged in a lot of safety operations. There is one bar open for contractors, different for crew. But whatever you think they are doing, it's definitely not a disco night every night. There are no production shows (the cast is sent home), no entertainment beside the crew bar activities and getting off the ship once in a while.
  9. No. You don't carry the life jackets with you at muster stations anymore.
  10. You can get off the ship earlier, you don't have to wait to go with the In Transit group. You will find lots of restaurants, Publix, cafes in just about 10 minutes walk. I recommend grabbing lunch at the sports bar Duffy's, just across Publix.
  11. We also used Anastasia's Travel . Our group of 8 had 2 kids and they loved the painting of the Matryoshka dolls. The hydrofoil ride could be interesting for them too. Peterhof gardens were where they had a blast, away from the busy streets, so they had the whole space to run around and spend their energy. I doubt they will take interest in the Hermitage museum, but we all agreed anyways to skip it and do other things instead. The tour was tailored to our needs and the idea to go to the Grand Market turned out awesome! The market of Russia was fun for the kids and the adults. I agree with dogs4fun the Bolshoi Circus, the Doll Museum and the Railway Museum could be great adventures for the kids, depending on their age.
  12. Yes, I forgot to mention! On the last jump it started raining, and it was raining all the way back to the starting point. We were wet anyways, so we didn't mind the rain. You are in a rain forest, after all 🙂 The terrain was not slippery, the water shoes are great for that type of terrain. The walk back was easier and faster , compared to the walk to the waterfalls, which was mostly inclined paths.
  13. It is so close, it's funny thinking about getting a taxi. Once you turn to our left, and walk along the beach, but not through the sand, remove your slippers and walk through the water. You will get there in 7 minutes tops.
  14. Visited Grand Turk few days ago with the Caribbean Princess. It doesn't matter how early you get off the ship, it seems like all chairs belong to the locals, who did act a bit hostile. I started walking towards Jack Shack coz I have been there many years ago, and somewhere in the middle they offer me $15 for two chairs and umbrella. I said I only want one chair and no umbrella, since I was by myself. The price went down to $10. I decided to keep on walking so I got to a little more quite area just before Jack Shack and this lady let me use one chair for $5. That was fine. But as someone mentioned, all their umbrellas were in different colors and also sprayed to identify that those are the lady's chairs. I liked it that it was very quite, and there were no chairs to my left side. Just a big space in between the loungers. Finally I laid down and chilled 🙂
  15. We did this tour just a week ago. We have never been to Amber Cove before so we decided to give this a try. The tour lasted around four and a half hours, and to be honest I was expecting much more. The bus ride is about 30 min, once you get there they give you a helmet, a life jacket and water shoes. You can take your camera if it is waterproof and you have to make sure it's well attached to you, because you are going to be doing a lot of jumping and sliding. All your personal items ( bags, backpacks and shoes) are in a pile with the rest of the group's things, behind a counter, but they should be safe, coz there is always someone there. No need to bring water, as they give you a bottle before you start your 30 minutes (kinda strenuous hike if you are not fit), the guides take photos of you (which we found out to be blurry later on), and before you get to the jumping you get rid of the bottles (coz you can not jump with them). Make sure you are in swimsuit only, coz it's unpleasant jumping and sliding in clothes. I didn't find the tour to be 100% safe, but no one can guarantee your safety so you sign a weaver before getting into the bus. Once we got back there was a buffet, but we didn't wan to rush eating so we got a coconut instead from the man at the corner for $1. The photos and videos cost $50.00. And you may not be in all the videos where you make your jumps... This is what I felt about the tour, but I am sure some people, younger than me, enjoyed it very much.
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