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  1. I debated between the 2 for our April 2020 Panama cruise and went with Zuiderdam as we liked the itinerary better. And it will go through the old locks and is having a light refurbishment this month. We cruised on her to Alaska a few years back.
  2. Did you like the hotel? How was the breakfast? Did you use their airport or port shuttle? Would Uber take us for less? I can see my reservation on the Hyatt website.
  3. It is $159 for Oct - Dec, and $219 for Jan - April. I need a pre-cruise room for my March 29 cruise. It is tough to find a place near the port for under $300 Canadian. Hyatt Place through VT just makes it!
  4. I have searched everywhere (except AMEX, not a cardholder) and no price comes close to the VT rate after converting to CDN. I am a bottom feeder on Hyatt so no deals found there. Did you find prices lowered on sites nearer the date of travel? I read all the info on VT after I posted and learned any cancellation would be through Hyatt. Thanks!
  5. The ValueTrips price for Hyatt Place in April is similar to what I have booked via Expedia with Wyndham Garden Fort Lauderdale. Is Hyatt a definite step or 2 up from Wyndham?
  6. Value trip has 2020 rates available now. Can anyone confirm if you can cancel a Valuetrips reservation if required?
  7. I am not too picky! For the right price, I'll drink it. Any idea on the special price on Bloody Mary or Mimosa offerings?
  8. I will be on Independence of the Seas in November. Do they still serve complimentary champagne during all art auction events? And on a cruise compass, I noticed some daily specials of Bloody Mary and Mimosa drinks at various lounges during the day. Any idea of the cost? As you may be able to tell, I won't have a drink package on this cruise. 😁 I will enjoy the $2 mimosas during casino happy hours. TIA
  9. No. I see newbies adding a tip to the already built in tip and I want to mention that they are double tipping, but I don't. Helps make up for people like me that believe gratuities included means gratuities included.
  10. Ummm does the Irie Tour bus have a washroom? Or do the pit stops all have facilities? I'll want to take advantage of the beer which leads me to having to use the washroom. All 3 Irie tours interest me.
  11. How did you arrange your snorkeling at Aruba and on Curacao? Beach hopping tour suits me: is it offered as a RCCL excursion?
  12. I looked on HAL website but can't find the tab that lets you pre-order bottles. I have only seen the wine packages. Is that where I would find individual bottles of liquor?
  13. Being at a resort in Cozumel is far more relaxing than being on a cruise. If I could only choose one, it would be an all-inclusive vacation over a cruise. I have been on a number of cruises (I have 2 currently booked) but I go on 2 all-inclusive's most years as well. If you need a vacation just to unwind, and relax the mind, AI is the way to go. Cruise-ships are bustling all the time and unless you rent a cabana, and like being by the pool, chairs are at a premium. I love being pampered at a resort without all the up-charges, and the water is so great at Cozumel and no extra cost to snorkel. Cruise excursions or leaving the resort to explore the areas are your choices so similar no matter what you choose. Typically we are resort dwellers.
  14. I have researched ValueTrips. Lots of good posts on here. I am under the impression if you are a Hyatt member breakfast is included. I do have a cancel-able reservation at Wyndham Garden Ft Lau in Dania Beach that is the same price as HP would be through VT. Would you agree Hyatt Place is a better option than the Wyndham?
  15. Should I be hopeful ValueTrips.com will offer rooms at Hyatt Place during the period Jan - April? Or do they only ever offer May - Dec rates? I have sent them 2 emails but they have not responded to me.
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