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  1. We also have this question..... The bus and train schedules from Brest to Quimper are not very frequent. We'd like to avoid the cruise ship tour to Quimper and find our own way from Brest to Quimper (and back). Anyone done this?
  2. My experience with a price drop is as follows..... When I see the lower price, I email my TA (the one with the 90 day ticker) and say "the prices have dropped, what can you do for me?". The TA then comes back with "HAL says you can re-book but you will loose all the OBC you originally booked"...which turns out to be more expensive...... but "we can upgrade you within your category"...example balcony VF to balcony spa level. We are "excited" by the upgrade and continue to look forward to our cruise. We always book the fare without the frills (drin
  3. It is miraculous what has been done in such a short period of time.......
  4. Mother got her shot last week in Florida from the county health department.....We signed her up online last Sunday, she got a call Monday with a 8:30am appointment last Tuesday....Very easy and efficient rolling....Let's continue to get 'er done.
  5. At this point.....any HAL ship is our favorite.......... But we really prefer the new Pinnacle class ships.....Our last cruises were on the Koningsdam & Nieuw Statendam and we are anxiously awaiting our Rotterdam cruise this fall.
  6. Thanks for posting the menus and daily programs.... In the Brittanica Restaurant (I'm thinking that would be our MDR in "steerage" class) there was a reference to "no tables for two." That would be a deal breaker for us......any intel?
  7. I'm not the OP but thanks for all the info on Cunard.....As HAL fans, we think we would fit in.....Our biggest hurdle is the dress code and we think the best way to handle that would be to just dive in head first and embrace it.......
  8. I've enjoyed this topic......a Cunard crossing is on our bucket list......I've got a few questions and understand I'm coming at this from a HAL 3* Mariner perspective: 1). Is the MDR (not Grill, just the steerage class) all fixed seatings and you dine with the same folks nightly (like olden days)? What about the availability/chances for tables for 2? 2). is the food in the Lido (Kings Court) the same as what would be served in the MDR that evening? (I might need a break from a coat and tie but don't want to miss out on the best dinner) 3). is the "hydro su
  9. LOL...I could earlier but since you asked, I tried just now and no, I cannot log in....get this message after entering my username/email and password.....I'm on Safari. Your session has expired. Please sign in again.
  10. Yahoo....Thanks for posting this.....Looking forward to boarding her in October!
  11. I've also been unable to access Flight Ease thru the HAL website for our October 2021 Europe TA. I had no problem viewing flights on other sites and ended up using points to book our one way flight to Europe in October 2021.
  12. +1 (me too) Key West talks about welcoming all kinds & being all about diversity but looks like my kind is not welcome....It's a nice clean way to discriminate against us lower income folk.....and they can hide behind the environment excuse and the horrors of a t shirt shop. Sad.
  13. Got an apology email yesterday from HAL regarding the off again, on again email communications.... RE: our Rotterdam TA..... Looks like more info is forthcoming by 12/8..... "you or your travel advisor will receive an updated Booking Confirmation with the updated itinerary by December 8, 2020." We are thankful the cruise is still on..... Happy Thanksgiving!
  14. idiebade.....Thanks for the info about the ship tours......see you onboard!
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