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  1. It can be found on Celebrity's travel agent-oriented website here: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/CEL_CWC_Sailing_Checker.zip I believe I read somewhere that comped cruises are not eligible for L&S in the Royal Caribbean Group.
  2. Apparently for off-coast anchoring:
  3. You can switch within S/M class if you're on Equinox, depending on the cruise itinerary and length you're trying to switch FROM. According to the L&S checker you should be able to switch to these dates: March 12, 2021: March 21, 2021:
  4. This has been discussed a few times already. In PREVIOUS years, the "2 years out" itineraries have normally started rolling out from mid-November and a couple of weeks on from there, but who knows what will happen this year. Celebrity may not even have began sailing again in mid-November. They may even wait until Spring 2021, to assess their future plans for sailing. Looking at Carnival, who have planned the scrapping of over 10 ships by now, IIRC. But that's the normal schedule from previous years, do with it as you please. I suspect AT LEAST two months from now, before we will see any itinerary releases.
  5. You can book all Specialty Dining in the Cruise Planner on Celebrity's website.
  6. The points don't register in your history like previous cruises, but they are awarded around the 14th of the month following the activity completion. Hence, points from this and other September activities should be awarded around October 14. I got the questions correct, albeit with a little help from Celebrity's own port guides and Google.
  7. Could anyone provide the link? I don't believe the links are in general personalized, or at the most it would have a pre-filled CC number, which would of course be corrected to the person's own number. Thanks in advance!
  8. April 24, 2021 on Apex was also incredibly low this weekend, but it seems the prices have gone back up a bit, but still very good prices. We managed to upgrade from cat. 10 Inside with 500$ OBC, CBP and gratuities (which was laready a a very good price) to a cat. 1B Balcony with all four perks, for 98$ extra total for the stateroom. We miss out on 200$ bonus OBC, but instead get the premium BP and unlimited internet, which we would have bought out of the extra OBC we get from our TA anyway, so definitely a deal too good to pass on in our opinion. We are travelling with my sister-in-law and her girlfriend, and they chose to upgrade from cat. 11 to cat. 1B as well. Today, the upgrade would have cost us 500$ instead of 98$, so there may have been a price glitch over the weekend, but our upgrade is confirmed from the TA (and on Celebrity's website), so Celebrity have honored the low price.
  9. Points are awarded around the 14th of the month following the activity. I have completed 4 points' worth of activities, 3 in June and 1 in July, all were awarded exactly on the 14th of the following month.
  10. I believe the "big" suspension announcements (full month/months) have generally been in the start of the months. IIRC, the August 26 was "just" a few AUS sailings, and the June 11 was -- Denmark/Baltic cruises, I think?
  11. DISCLAIMER: NOTHING HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED BY CELEBRITY/RC GROUP YET! All November/December 2020 sailings are still bookable on celebrity.com and with TAs, and most sailings have vacant staterooms in all categories. HOWEVER; I don't hope the new base price promotion starting today (free Classic Beverage Package) is a "premature indicator" of anything, although I fear it may be: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Special_Offers/CEL_Book_Now_Bonus_Ends_Sept15.pdf Eligible for sailings departing: January 1, 2021 – May 4, 2022. The "Dream Big" sale which ended yesterday was for sailings departing November 2, 2020 - May 4, 2022, so the new promotion has a different sailings interval. The last extension of suspended sailing was announced on August 3, which was the first working day of August. So any further extension (for example, as I suspect, for the rest of 2020) could be announced later today or within the next few days. I would expect any announcement to be during the first three days of any week, not on Fridays, leading up to a weekend. I suppose it would make sense to make a "clean cut" and cancel the rest of 2020, like some other cruise lines have already done.
  12. No, it's for "most" cruises in general:
  13. I was indeed one of "the others" - two months ago. The recent movement, and the claims by that guy, who is apparently an experienced cruise/ship reviewer, gives me new hope. 🙂
  14. There' some speculation/"knowledge" shared by an Instagram user in my post here: I personally think that Apex will do a non-revenue TA crossing at some point between mid-September and the originally planned dates end-October. I don't think it will necessarily last 14 days as planned, as there would be no passengers to care for, in regards to speed, sea disturbance etc. I think they would just want the TA done as quick as possible.
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