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  1. Thanks everyone. It's weird for me to consider a TA since I love booking my own ground/air travel. It's almost an art. But you all raised some great points and, for my first cruise, a TA makes a lot of sense. I will ask around and find one skilled in both cruises and first-time cruisers.
  2. Thanks @janetz ... I appreciate the opportunity to discover personal reviews and recommendations and certainly appreciate the guidance to interview potential TAs to see if they're good fits. Almost sounds like getting a doctor!
  3. I have 0 cruises under my belt; still in the reading/research phase. I’ve always booked my own flights and hotels but wonder if getting a cruise-focused TA might be warranted. I also see that this site frowns on website referrals, so that may make this thread difficult on this site. But I figured I’d post to see if there some obvious points. Thanks in advance.
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