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  1. I have not cruised in about 30 years. When I did it was Royal Caribbean and only to the Caribbean. I will be cruising to the Mediterranean with a new cruiser who tends to get seasick in small boats. We have been going over itineraries and ships and have narrowed it down to the Azamara or Celebrity. They both look great but the itinerary on the Azamara Pursuit looks pretty spectacular. However, I don’t think we can afford a balcony on the Azamara. We can on the celebrity as long as the price will hold for a little while. We’re pretty destination oriented but at the same time we’re both a little bit claustrophobic. Not desperately so, but enough. I’d really like some advice. When I cruised years ago I had an Ocean view and did fine. But my partner is more claustrophobic than I am. If anyone has advice I’d really love it! We both very much want great destination experiences. I guess in a way the experience on the ship is equally important for us as they experience in the ports but I think for me personally it’s the destination that wins. This may be the one of two trips (I pray at least) that we ever get to take. Please help if you can. Thanks!
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