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  1. Thank you. last year I just fumbled on a good deal so now I am learning the ropes..Will take this advice to heart.
  2. Yes you are surely right. I think that it was just meant to be funny . I know alot of people that go on cruise after cruise after cruise and their funds apparently unlimited and great for them. I am ok with the odd trip every year or two. Thanks for the kind words.
  3. Thank you SH. I appreciate all the help. I feel a bit bad as some people mentioned that I should go camping or not go at all if I can't afford it. Obviously I did go on one cruise last year and had a great time and know all the costs involved. We got it all under 2000 dollars on a 5 day trip on Princess and I know if it possible if I wait to find the best deals.Maybe spend a bit more. I have a friend who cruises a lot and he is now sending me deals for this year so I know the deals come early but late too. I just hoped to get some tips. here. We live near Vancouver so there is no flights involved if we do the return to Vancouver trip. I know a lot of people have money to not worry about the end cost. I am 70 and have worked all my life mostly as a single Mom and I do have some savings but I am retired so have to be careful. At this age with limited retirement income I always shop for the best deal for everything. I don't feel like I should justify this but I was taken back by some of those comments .Anyways I have seen a lot of great deals for 2019 now that I know I will be able to find a great deal for 2020.Thanks again for your support.
  4. Thanks again for your info. We can't go this year but will keep a look out for sure. Appreciate seeing this as I am not giving up hope now.. I do realize you can pay more with gratuities etc etc but if under 2000 is a starting price then can budget for more.
  5. Yes and I have a year to save more so if we have to do more for extras so be it. Our last cruise was only 5 days but well under 2000 for both of us. of course this is longer but now i am seeing quite a few sales. I just did not want to spend more than we could help but still have the integrity of the Princess sale we had.. Celebrity and Holland America have a few sales on this site that I am thinking of booking soon . Thank you so much for your information.I totally appreciate it.
  6. It was amazing. that is why we want to go on another one. I am looking at some new sales on Cruise Critic and see alot of sales around our price.. so I am surely not giving up.
  7. We don't have to fly .. we live near Nanaimo .We just took a cruise for under 2000 for 5 days. I am hoping to not have to pay much more than this but if we have to we will have to save for this. I am not sure why you are judging me as this is just a place for information.
  8. Thanks SFAA. I am wondering if this was for two or each? Also How do you compare HA to Princess or Celebrity .? Or Royal Caribbean? I was only on Princess and loved it so have nothing to compare it with .
  9. I totally appreciate this information and yes I agree I can keep looking and do last minute. I am retired and my guy has to work til he drops.. lol But it is his birthday (70)th next year.. mine was this year for a 5 day cruise from LA to Vancouver on Princess. We loved Princess but would consider other lines of course. I could go a bit higher I just had heard of others who have done better than 1000 each so I thought I could try.. Thank you again for all your information.
  10. Thank you . I agree.. I think there is a chance for us to get close at least..do want the return trip if possible .
  11. ok thank you.. I will work hard to get a good deal. I am going to try to be more realistic then. .I do not mind going on line for hours to get what I want..
  12. ok..thank you.. I tried to edit it as to say 900 dollars each but not sure if you would have understood it how it was written bu the edit did not go through. is 900 each still too low of a goal?
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