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  1. I don't think it's unique to the Freedom. I saw this setup in a vlog the other day from Team 7 Adventures on the Breeze.
  2. I think we are probably some of the few who have experienced the absolute darkness of the night at sea. Me: former Officer of the Watch in the Navy.
  3. There's a shuttle called goport from MCO to Port Canaveral for $15/person.
  4. If you check the NCL board, I'm sure there's info over there. Is it possible to reserve/book them online in your cruise manager for NCL?
  5. I'm curious what kind of interior cabin gets an eight category upgrade and you still end up in an interior cabin?? Other than deck level, I bet the cabins are identical.
  6. Of course they're trying to move passengers to higher cabins. Spending an additional $500 to move from cove balcony to a spa balcony doesn't cost the company anything, so that's an extra $500 (plus the increased gratuities) into the coffers.
  7. Sean_B


    Mine kept calling me every two-three days, trying to get me to call him back to book a cruise. It was so annoying it actually turned me off from using him and I booked my cruise online just to avoid him.
  8. Then it's called a Caesar, not a Bloody Caesar. It's a Canadian invention and anyone who calls it a Bloody Caesar is simply butchering the name.
  9. What's a bloody Caesar? I'm familiar with Bloody Mary's and Caesars but not with a Bloody Caesar.
  10. Anyone know if you can get a Caesar onboard (Clamato) or is it just Bloody Mary's?
  11. I've sailed that route hundreds of times with the Navy and April is basically at the end of the stormy season. You could see some wave action, but it won't be nearly as bad as the 10-15 m seas that are common in the winter on that route. I was a patch-wearer and it worked wonders for me through those seas, so your DH should be ok. The side-to-side stuff just rocked me to sleep. It was the pitching that made me...deathly ill.
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