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  1. Not quite. If you drink your limit of 15 alcoholic drinks, the non-alcoholic stuff (Gatorade, milk shakes, coffee bar, etc) is still available on your cheers package without having to pay for it on your S&S card., The only limit imposed by Carnival is the 15 alcoholic drinks.
  2. But did they get priority return privileges or were they told to go to the back of the line? We need to know how the story ends! LOL.
  3. The seafood shack serves breakfast? Thanks for the information!
  4. I'll be behind. You don't have to tell them off. Just a polite, "excuse me" is usually enough to get them to acknowledge that they did something untoward. Then you just ELI5 what they did. "Excuse me, the line starts back there". Tiny with a twist of confident attitude, usually gets the job done. If we ever sail together I'll let you practice on me 🙂
  5. What kind of asian soups did they have? Pho? Thai curry? Udon?
  6. LOL Karen, it would be my pleasure. My wife is also "fun-sized and portable" at 5' tall and 105. You can do it girl! Stick up for yourself.
  7. These are the scenarios where I like to use my rather intimidating appearance to make sure everyone plays by the same rules. I'm 6'9, a rather cut 285 lbs with tattoos, shaved head, beard and look like your prototypical 1% biker (for reference, I'm not); a bit like Dusty Hill from ZZ Top. Their friends can wait, like the rest of us did; at the back of the line. Since Carnival is known as the Fun cruise line, I think they should have "Fun Police", who are there to enforce common courtesy and politeness, so everyone can enjoy the same amount of fun. Those like the elevator crashers, chair hogs, line cutters, seat savers, etc all get put back into their place in humanity and their self-entitlement is ruined by social embarrassment.
  8. Favor's a seasoned cruiser, but a little OCD. She's from Texas, so anything below 70 degrees is probably cold to her.
  9. Nobody has asked the important question: What's the price difference?? If you're shipping the heavy, bulky stuff, it usually pays by weight and size, so you could end up paying the same or more to ship your gear than you would for extra baggage on the aircraft.
  10. You can book it through Carnival's site and then have the booking transferred to your TA so they get the commission.
  11. Were you trying version 15 or version 16? I had no issues with v16 on my mid-2015 MacBook Pro. 16 GB RAM, i7 with 2 GB GPU. Couldn't do HEVC, obviously, but optimized media wasn't a problem at all.
  12. Which forum did you think the question was posted in??
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