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  1. Book a car as a taxi will be twice the price.
  2. Southampton Harbour Hotel and Spa is right on the harbor with beautiful views, great service and lovely restaurant. It is a five star for many reasons.
  3. Oceania is NOT known for it’s enrichment. We only had one fantastic lecturer on O for Alaska who was borrowed from Regent. She was a PHD and an outstandingly knowable, super well prepared and fun to be with. For an outstanding experience with fantastic enrichment try Crystal where there are many lecturers on each cruise so always someone who will interest you.
  4. Thanks for your review with which we agree with the children comments. We find Crystal almost perfect for us however no children and even more restrictive smoking would make it purrrrfect!
  5. Love the music, can’t wait for more.👍
  6. We’ve been waiting and are ready to enjoy again.👍
  7. Very well put. Service, service, service is what has us loving Crystal while still also shopping Oceania . The butler service deteriorated when the European butlers were no longer serving on O in our opinion.
  8. Yes please use normal black non-script font if you want your postings read. There are hundreds of pictures of Oceania’s redesign as well as of food and maybe even your type of cabin on Google, Enjoy your cruise.
  9. Very sad! Why oh why would Oceania want to cater to fad diets?
  10. Thank you for a very fair and balanced review. I would say we agree with you on almost every point and have also made Crystal our line of choice.
  11. Great news for London. The additional cars not only totally messed up the traffic patterns in the GREAT CITY they also took business from the Black Taxies. Back to drivers with the “knowledge” who we never left for Uber even though we use them at home and elsewhere.
  12. You are so right and Uber round trip is under 20£ with a taxi slightly more...
  13. Although I don’t wear any costume jewelry I have seen many many jewelry rolls on Amazon which would probably work for travel.
  14. In this case it’s not just summer But Wimbledon when every hotel room will be booked.
  15. After 44 long London theatre based stays we still rely on Londontheater.co.uk for all our information. We avoid musicals for dramas and an occasional comedy. We would definitely recommend anything James McAvoy takes the stage in.
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