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  1. I wonder if test cruises will be allowed to operate with the risk level at 4?
  2. Here is the link. When you read through you will understand why you will not be going on a 9 day cruise in April. And may not be going on any cruise anytime soon. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/pdf/CDC-Conditional-Sail-Order_10_30_2020-p.pdf
  3. First, the likely hood of your February cruise isn't decreasing with each passing day. It has gone to zero the last several days. Stick with the Carribean for summer cruises. West coast will be among the last to start up in my opinion. Florida to private islands for the first several months is the best chance.
  4. They would not get to keep the ships, creditors would take them back. Either pay for them or repossession. Bankruptcy will not allow them to change the terms.
  5. LOL, Whatever is not cancelled is still left. All of February will eventually be cancelled sometime in mid/late December if that helps.
  6. Carnival wants nothing to do with cruising right now. Not even test cruises. It is shaping up to be an ugly day with covid deaths. Italy over 750, Poland over 600, Canada creeping up on 100 with more reporting left, US already over 1000 with a lot of large states left to report in. I would say they should even scrap test cruises and forget trying to get a CSO. Just wait it out until covid declines. We can't be far from the peak anyway with positivity rates in the 10 percent per day range.
  7. There is not a number above zero that accurately reflects the chances of going on a cruise out of a US Port in January.
  8. There is not a number above the zero that represents the likelihood of Carnival operating cruises out of US ports in January.
  9. January is toast. Any cruise line would be setting a new world record for stupid to cruise with covid running out of control in most of the world.
  10. Flew recently from Texas to Florida. Masks at check in were being worn by everyone. It was the only place some type of enforcement was going on. In the airport masks were not worn at restaurants and food courts of course. At the gate most people were not wearing a mask. You are not required if you have a drink with you but even without there was no enforcement if it was even a requirement. On the plane masks were worn boarding. You could remove it once drinks were served. Flight attendants removed their masks during breaks and only put them on if someone was walking back to
  11. Masks are not worn at the dining rooms and bars on the ship. This would be the most likely point of spread. Probably in the case of Sea Deam masks would have made no difference anyway.
  12. There have been over 11 million infected. CDC says the actual number is 10 to 11 times the number that have been tested and come back positive. Others say even higher because very little testing was done until about May. We will be above 50 percent shortly at the rate new cases are being reported. Should shoot above 200k per day average next week and peak out in early December. Herd immunity is about 60-65 percent. Regardless, you will run out of new people to infect soon enough. i don't support herd immunity as a way to handle it but it is what most countries are effectively doing.
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