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  1. It hasn't. Other low population states with no outdoor mask mandates have similar numbers.
  2. Don't be too hard on them. Possibly someone with a mental health condition like Asperger's. They get triggered with fear from the constant news coverage of covid. They can't process when it is ok to take the mask off but can breeze through college calculus.
  3. It has been well known since last year outdoor mask wearing and any social distancing is non sense. Well, maybe if your 30 miles away from someone it might help. Actually, all this was solved over 50 years ago. Hopefully when cruising resumes out of non US ports most of the mask wearing non sense will not be part of the protocol. Put them on for check in and dis embarkation and thats about it.
  4. I would not start packing just yet. Each country in the EU can make its own rules about letting tourist in. There are still a lot of countries with all sort of restrictions on travel in place and will remain that way until covid numbers get under control.
  5. Indian crew members will not be able to board Royal Caribbean ships at this stage after the company decided to temporary cancel all assignments for shipboard employees from India or people who reside in this country. According to a letter sent to the crew, this decision is based on various reasons and related to recently announced travel restrictions and complexities with crew movement to and from India. I can think of only one reason not various. Sky high Covid numbers. I wonder how this might affect any start up of cruising?
  6. Cruising out of Caribbean ports would be too expensive. It would require a 100 per cent fly in sending airline pricing algorithms into 1000+ dollar fares. Most ports are still closed anyway. Covid is ramping to new highs worldwide and CDC is not about to let up now. Time to give it up for 2021 out of US.
  7. There not going to. It will be a 4000 dollar doorstep to doorstep vacation per person for an inside cabin. Once the airline pricing algorithms figure out the cruise ship schedules it's all over. Big ships need big airports. Big ships and little airports don't work.
  8. You are misreading what I said. You will not get past it as long as we all pretend it is safe with all the mask and social distancing and deep cleaning theatre. I am not saying it is perfectly safe, quite the opposite. It is practically worthless.
  9. LOL taking things very seriously. If everyone took things seriously there would be no air travel. It is all just a big ole game of make believe. Wearing a mask in a crowded airport and airplane, 6 inches of social distancing, wearing a mask from the front door of a restaurant to your table, taking it off for the next hour, nothing more than nonsense and theatre as we all pretend it is perfectly safe.
  10. With Covid cases back on the rise you can forget the CDC allowing cruising to start back up in the US. It is dead in the water (LOL). I would not even be putting money and time into any cruise schedules anywhere in the world right now. Covid most everywhere you look except the UK and Israel is ramping back up, even reaching new highs in many places. Japan may cancel the Olympics as there cases are rising rapidly.
  11. It is not a viable business model for the cruise lines to operate out of ports outside the US for Caribbean cruises. Expenses for the cruise lines will be more and airfare will go up drastically with a just a tiny increase in demand. They will never come close to filling even a few ships. Maybe it gets them by while waiting out the CDC for a bit. In the long run it just flattens the curve to bankruptcy.
  12. I would not make any plans for travel to South Pacific through 2022. Actually, I will not make any until I see borders open and cruise ships operating. What is going to happen when some new virus pops up in future years? Will the borders be instantly shut stranding NZ and OZ citizens from getting back in? Foreign citizens shut out and travel plans cancelled? Not complaining about there policies, just recognizing the risks for travel.
  13. I would not get to caught up in the stuff NCL is putting out. They are just trying to force the CDC to make a decision and setting up a lawsuit if they are denied from sailing. The CDC said it is safe to travel if you are vaccinated so they are pushing the CDC to open cruising just like all other travel and sue if they are denied. When sailing resumes kids will not be denied, vaccination will not be required.
  14. The federal government will not mandate the use of vaccine passports for travelers or businesses post-pandemic, President Biden's chief medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, told the Politico Dispatch podcast Monday. There you go. One less hassle at check in.
  15. The federal government will not mandate the use of vaccine passports for travelers or businesses post-pandemic, President Biden's chief medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, told the Politico Dispatch podcast Monday. Looks like the vaccination issue can be put to bed. Good. I bet the cruise lines are happy about this also.
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