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  1. New York, and specifically Manhattan, is such as large place that individual events, no matter how large, will have little to no effect on your enjoyment of the city. As an example, the NYC Marathon is a huge event that closes numerous major streets and involves thousands of people. If you were 3-4 blocks away from it while it was being run you would have no idea it was even happening. April and May are typically not a bad time to visit-- hotel rates are not as high as they are during the holidays or the height of the tourist summer season. If it were me I would be more focusses on that going in May might give me warmer weather where the cruise is going than going in April or something like that. There are events and things that happen in NYC everyday-- no real way to avoid them. But you wont be impacted by them much.
  2. As is the prerogative of any company in a position to disrupt an outdated business model like the traditional taxi business in a free market economy. My guess is you can't prove that but would be interested if you could. Totally disagree here-- companies like Lyft and Uber provide a higher quality product in most cities they are in. I travel to Washington DC frequently and this was one of the first cities they went into-- the traditional taxi fleet were mostly 12-15 year old cars on their last legs with entitled drivers who wouldn't take credit cards or drive you to places they were legally obligated to because it was inconvenient for them. You don't see as many taxis in DC these days.
  3. I guess the easiest way to start is how many days are you there and how many days do you need the rentals? Given that parking downtown isn't cheap, limiting the cars to only the days you actually need them could save you hundreds of dollars. If you need the cars on the first few days of the trip, and renting at the airport would cover your transportation downtown, this could be a good option. You can drop off the car downtown depending on who you rent from-- some companies will charge a one way fee and others will waive it. If there is a substantial one way fee, I would just Uber from the airport to downtown and then rent the cars there for the days you need them. The bottom line is you just want to limit the time you have the cars as it will be expensive having them downtown and you don't need them to get around downtown.
  4. Uber/Lyft are priced exactly the same as Carmel/Dial 7 and frankly think they can be a little more convenient since you don't have to plan in advance. Uber estimate, including tolls and tip, from JFK to Cape Liberty is $135.70 and Carmel quote is $135.20 including tolls and tip. Direct from both of their websites.
  5. In terms of airports that are in the immediate vicinity, you are left with LGA and JFK (unless you want to charter a private jet and fly into Teterboro Airport nearby which I'm assuming isn't the case). LGA isn't in great shape right now with the massive, multiyear overhaul they are doing. JFK is huge but has a reasonably decent AirTrain option to get you to Jamaica and then into the city or of course just hiring a car service/taxi to get to Bayonne. Westchester Airport (HPN) is also an alternative although is a little bit further out but there could be some deals there-- along those lines Trenton Mercer Airport also has some low cost airline options but either of these two would require a car service to get you up to Bayonne which might wipe out savings and add time. An off the wall idea would be to fly into Philadelphia International and take the train up. This will add a bunch of time and might not be that less expensive when you factor in the taxis/ubers/train it will require to get you up. The airline deal would need to be really, really good to even consider it.
  6. It's not an announcement, just a guess. She's been well maintained, and no doubt will eventually be sold on for further trading (maybe even with her two other sisters down in Australia), but they really have not updated Veendam with what the new ships offer in terms of entertainment venues. And the big update the did do to her several years ago really butchered her aft deck with that stupid hot tub/splash pool set up so they could add cabins below the more substantial pool they ripped out.
  7. If you are just headed from the airport to Waikiki to the cruise terminal renting a car is madness. When we're in Honolulu these days we just Uber and it's cost effective, reliable, fast and you don't spend money on parking.
  8. No- Frontier only flies to destinations in Florida from Buffalo. To get to Seattle you'll need to change planes. Not going to be the airline that gets you out west in the most efficient way.
  9. There's a lot of fleet updates not on Veendam though. My guess is that she's not worth major updating due to her age and that HAL plans on selling her along in the short term.
  10. I think their responsibility (as do they) is to get you back to the port of Miami where the cruise started which is reasonable. Unless they booked your airfare theres really no leg to stand on to expect them to get you to Miami airport from Ft Lauderdale. I mean you are not really finding anything out and there aren't any real surprises-- they are telling you that they will get you back to the port of Miami gratis-- just not giving you specific details yet. I'm sure this transportation will conform to the general rule that flights after 12 noon will be fine to get to. That being said, if I were in the same situation, I would just jump in an Uber when I got to Ft Lauderdale. Fare to Miami International is like $55 and I don't have to sit on a bus full of grumpy, hungover strangers.
  11. It sounds like you have made peace with parking at the cruise terminal for convenience. If thats still the case you might as well as just stay in Manhattan the nights before for convenience sake. You can find garages that will be less expensive than the overnight valet at a nice hotel (which is the most expensive parking option out there). If you self park near your hotel you will save a bit and if you leave the SUV at home you will save some more (NYC pretty much universally will charge a decent surcharge for an SUV to the tune of $10-15 extra depending on where). If you are going to bring your car into the city anyway, I'd just try and find a good deal on a nice hotel and enjoy yourselves rather than shuttle in and out of the city to save what will amount to less than $100 in parking. Your limited time to sightsee and enjoy the city will be greatly enhanced.
  12. Its a nice enough place-- it got pummeled in the storm and apparently rebuilt/restored so it should be relatively newish feeling now (was a little tatty when we were there several years ago-- renovation was needed anyway). You have to walk over a bit to really get the Maho beach experience with the planes above you-- they thankfully don't fly over the resort. I'm a bit partial to the little Sunset beach bar on the other side of the beach (cheap drinks, little lounge chairs, sort of like an outdoor dive bar with airplanes) but if you wanted something a little more organized you'll be happy with it.
  13. Most outdoor activities wont be going at that time because of it getting dark and you really don't have that much time. When we went out of town to the jungle/beach near Dorado it was like a 45 minute drive each way. If you dock at 5:30 you wont be off the ship until 6pm at the earliest. And you'll have to be back on between 11-1130 at the latest. You pretty much have time to go find somewhere nice to eat and walk around town. Given how much fun the nightlife can be there-- wouldn't also be a bad night to check the kids into a program onboard the ship and go out for a nice meal, a few drinks, and maybe pop into one of the casinos.
  14. Right in the middle of everything and literally across the street from the cruise pier. Quite safe and populated at pretty much all time of day. Frankly I think the hotel itself is a bit bland and there are far more interesting places to stay that are close by (looking at you Hotel El Convento!) but if the price is right and you want to be centrally located in OSJ and not on a beach, the Sheraton will work.
  15. princeton123211


    There are a few Starbucks if memory serves with free WiFi-- one of them is right near where the cruise ships dock. Most bars/restaurants also will have it.
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