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  1. I'm sure a bunch of the accused in 1692 would have wholeheartedly agreed with you!
  2. You could stay at the W Hoboken-- would be a great area to walk around at night with a number of restaurants, bars, and waterfront. And to answer the liquor laws questions-- outdoors drinking is not only legal, its highly encouraged. Drink up.
  3. I think things have tightened up significantly with the larger ships. Back in the day the three small Seabourn sisters had a semi-open bridge policy. Officially you weren't allowed but pretty much any of the masters would allow you to go if you requested from them in person (the fastest method) or put in a request from the pursers desk (would take a day or two). They usually didn't say no unless the ship was navigating a busy area. Now its done with preorgranized tours which we found to be interesting but not nearly as fun as visiting the bridge on your own.
  4. As others have said, you can on the Southampton side. Having done it once though I would most likely get off and walk around Southampton a bit and grab lunch. The ship gets very quiet-- pools are roped off, bars are closed, cleaning equipment all over the hallways, etc. Wasn't nearly as fun as we'd thought it would be. Things pick back up again around 1-2pm which is when I would head back to start enjoying the ship again. Friends of ours hired a car service to take them to Highclere Castle (of Downton Abbey fame) which is about a 40 minute drive from the ship. They took a tour, grabbed a quick bite and got back to the ship for departure. Would have also done that in hindsight.
  5. I would say, though, that the better view is once you're on the cruise ship looking back at Queen Mary!
  6. You would have to get up awfully early in the morning to get to the museum for a 6pm cutoff. Once you get to Jersey City and check in it will take you at least 45 minutes to get on the PATH and over to the memorial. You'd need to arrive at your hotel around 4:45pm to make that work and even then you'd be rushing. As others have mentioned, you can see the memorial at any time of night without having to visit the museum. The downtown area you'll be in has gotten much better in recent years in terms of dinner options but isn't as vibrant from a food and drink standpoint after office hours as it is further uptown.
  7. To answer your question, no, I don't believe this hotel charges the resort fees that Marriott properties have been adding to some of their properties. I know what you're talking about and when they do charge a fee these days its not a sunk cost-- it always includes an F&B credit equal to the fee, plus other benefits like a $50 laundry credit or something like that. But I don't believe this Sheraton has that-- its mostly in their top tier former SPG properties like St. Regis and Luxury Collection.
  8. Have you checked the Newark Liberty International Marriott thats right by the main terminals? Might be nicer than both the Residence and Courtyard without the issues of getting to the Renaissance.
  9. We sailed the Veendam a couple years ago from Boston to Bermuda. Embarkation was quick and easy-- barely saw the inside of the terminal building. Was out the door and up the gangway (which I remember being this flimsy looking aluminum contraption and a bit suspect) in about 15 minutes from dropping bags out front. If you're on a bigger HAL ship it might be a bit slower but overall very efficient and painless.
  10. Hard to predict with 100% certainty but generally the seas are fine. You'll be in sheltered waters of the St Lawrence for a good portion of the trip, only really being in the open Atlantic for a smaller portion of the trip once you get on the other side of Nova Scotia. A lot of trips to Bermuda actually divert to a Canadian itinerary this time of year if the weather is bad headed down there so it sort of gives you an idea that the cruise lines consider this the safer bet in terms of sea conditions.
  11. Do yourself a favor and sample some of the best Mexican food in the country around Chula Vista. Theres tons of options with a google search (I'm not going to taint the conversation with my favorites) but you wont be disappointed. Wont be anything fancy but it will be delicious.
  12. Hotel has has some nice updates over the past few years to bring its rooms in line with a nice 4 star hotel (it wasnt always that way-- was a bit rough for a few years not too long ago). Well worth booking a suite or at very least a former first class stateroom-- the converted rooms that don't have the wood paneling are a little bit drab.
  13. You have a better chance of hitting them on a trip to Bermuda than you do to NE/Canada. In fact, most cruise lines in Sept/Oct use NE/Canada itineraries as a backup if they need to cancel a run to Bermuda. You'll be fine.
  14. Personal preference-- Times Square to people who live in NYC is a sort of outdoor theme park for tourists. Not really an authentic part of New York. I can understand why someone who has never been here before would want to see it, but its pretty soul crushing with the amount of chain restaurants, trinket stores, and crowds. My point was that there are many other, much more enjoyable parts of New York that are far more authentic.
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