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  1. The Park Hyatt also does-- while definitely a premium, it is most likely the nicest property on the island. Had a very good experience there a few years ago.
  2. It would probably help if you had some sort of description of it-- without knowing what sort of food tour it is or where its taking you its hard to comment on. That being said, Bermuda has never been a big food destination for us, as many times as we have been there. There are some very good restaurants ranging anywhere from fine dining to hole-in-the-wall fish sandwich shops-- but it doesn't have the same caliber or variety of food scene that you find in major cities in the US or Europe for example. At least in our personal experience.
  3. The local politics on each island, and in some cases areas of an island, are extremely complex. We're currently sitting on Maui, but on the far side near Hana where very few tourists go except for the one day car ride they take to and from. Frankly, there are some times that we feel very unwelcome here by the locals/native Hawaiians. We have family that live here, which is why were visiting at the moment, that There is a medium strong independence movement among native Hawaiians (flags and signs on the road are the most visible sign of it), that while unlikely to ever be successfu
  4. We're in Maui now and typically just rent direct with the company. Most of the times there are decent deals and as said above, car rentals in Hawaii tend to be very reasonable. I usually try to avoid third party bookings in all travel as much as possible-- you can usually get better rates and things like upgrades by booking direct. In this trip's case we did so direct with Avis and got a Jeep for less than $200 for a week. They have been hurting and a lot of companies are giving some pretty good deals. Often times I'm here I will rent for just the day and you can get a very adequa
  5. Important thing to consider too is that on this routing you will not necessarily be out in the middle of the ocean as you would on a transatlantic crossing. For the most part you'll be hugging the coast. It's out past Newfoundland that the fun really tends to begin. Nothing is guaranteed but for the most part you should be in a fairly sheltered part of the Atlantic given the itinerary.
  6. I think the situation will be pretty fluid as things progress with vaccinations. Just talking to the technician who performed my drive through Covid test yesterday, the first question they ask you is if you have had the first shot of a vaccination yet (I haven't). I think reading between the lines there, proof of vaccination will be sufficient in the not too distant future. We were there in October right as Maui reopened. The hotels take the proof of negative test very seriously as they are the ones that are responsible for you if you don't adhere to it. If you have to quaranti
  7. Yes and no. For the drive through and airport tests they are all on the West Coast-- just did mine today for a flight to Maui on Saturday. We're currently in Seattle so used one of Hawaiian Airlines testing partners that had drive through testing by SeaTac. But you can absolutely do a test thats sent to you through the mail if you are on the East Coast (or anywhere else). The one thats approved for Hawaii is by Vault. They ship you a vile that you have to get on a zoom call with a technician and spit into. You then ship it back and your results are back in usually 48 hours. We did
  8. With Veendam and Maasdam being sold that sort of puts HAL out of the small ship offering needed for Hamilton. I cant see Oceania deploying Insignia more than they already do the 3-4 times a year it visits. Royal Caribbean just sold Empress of the Seas for scrap which could have docked in Hamilton. They mention Disney-- Disney Magic would be a monstrosity docked along Front Street (even though it is now relatively small compared to most cruise ships out there). Celebrity Summit is now smaller by todays standards but already calls at Dockyard-- pretty sure she would have used Hamilton if she cou
  9. Both the Royal Hawaiian and Moana are of a much higher quality than the Outrigger which I always have had the impression going in, out, and around it is very outdated (read "stuck in time" in not a flattering way). The Royal Hawaiian is the nicest of the lot. I agree with the comment about the Sheraton-- it can be overcrowded and the building is frankly not that charming, but they do have a big resort pool, which, you can also access as a guest of the Royal Hawaiian (although Sheraton guests cannot access the RH's pool in reverse). I would really consider the RH again
  10. To qualify everything I'm about to say, I have not stayed specifically at the Outrigger, but have stayed on that stretch of Waikiki countless times. It's common for hotels on Waikiki to have small pools-- the Royal Hawaiian has one thats essentially the size of an oversized round hot tub. If you want a really large hotel pool experience, and still be right on the main stretch of Waikiki The Sheraton is worth looking at. From everything you are saying, I would seriously take a look at the three Marriott properties-- Westin Moana Surfrider, the Sheraton, or The Royal
  11. I would think thats where they are headed- I overheard some small quip at the airport on arrival about how "once they have a vaccine we wont have to do this" and didn't think much of it at the time. They were super innovative in terms of their policies to allow a return of tourists this year. Having witnessed firsthand how seriously they take it all (which frankly made me feel really good about our decision to go there), I think it would be a foregone conclusion that Bermuda travel will eventually require proof of vaccination once its available to the main population.
  12. While I generally agree with what you're saying, to be fair to them the dinner service in Sir Winston's is (was) quite good-- never had a bad meal and it always had a nice sense of occasion and slight bit of formality not often seen in upscale Southern California restaurants. Was it cutting edge haute cuisine? No. But it was excellently prepared old school steak/seafood classics served in a pretty dining room with a nice view. Maybe the closest thing you would get to a dinner onboard when she was still in service (although the space it occupies was then the engineer's quarters!)
  13. Without knowing what the tour name is or what it covers, its hard to say. Typically there are a few different ones on offer in a city like Boston. That being said, Boston could be one of the most manageable cities in the Northeast to do on your own. Practically everything is easily walkable. I actually think you'd be doing yourself a disservice if the tour you are referencing is in a bus.
  14. Insignia looks like she's doing her season there earlier than in past years in July but with an interesting crossing from Amsterdam in September with a 1.5 day stop in St Georges (but not Hamilton) on her way to New York. The other little gem in the list I saw was the tiny Star Pride doing a trip from New York to San Juan with a day in Hamilton and day in St George on the way down (followed by a stop at St Barths). She was always such a nice little ship when she was with Seabourn. Norwegian Joy and Freedom of the Seas make Summit and Enchantment look downright quaint-
  15. The original Swizzle Inn was the first stop we made after getting engaged on the beach on that side of the island. Sad to hear about the South Shore one, but I agree with others-- if only one could make it I'm glad its the original one.
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